You just vacuumed every room. The tables are all polished, there is nothing on the floor and the windows have all been cleared of little hand prints.

Your bathroom is glistening, all of the beds are made and the laundry has been put away neatly. You take a step back look over your house and feel a sense of accomplishment.

If company happens to show up. You are ready. They may even compliment you on keeping a tidy house. Especially knowing children are there all day long.

But do they show up? No, not today.

Fast forward a day or two. You say to yourself, I don’t feel like doing housework today. What’s the point, no one sees it anyway.

The dishes are piled in the sink. The counters are filled with empty juice cups and school papers. The floor is decorated with popcorn kernels from the night before.

You brought up three baskets of laundry to fold, but decided you will fold them later after the kids go to sleep.

The bathroom has pajamas and socks hanging from the towel racks and three pairs of shoes have been kicked off into each of the corners. The toilet is clogged and won’t be flushed until your husband gets home to unclog it.

You started to make your bed but decided to come back to it after you feed the baby. 

Your appearance is pretty much in line with the condition of your house. No makeup was painted on your face today. You slipped on those old cut-off sweat pants you swore to throw away.

Your hair is greasy and a mustache is making it’s way across your top lip. You look in the mirror and think-What an eyesore I am.

Just as you are about to turn on your soaps and kick back, the sound of the doorbell ringing sends your heart to your toes.

Company is here. Yes of course they know exactly when to come. And wouldn’t you know, they need to use the bathroom.