I started thinking about gifts I received throughout my life. There were two that stood out.

I was a tomboy growing up. I liked to fit in with the boys. I thought it was cool to watch my father change the oil in the car or learn how to fix a flat tire.

I remember asking for- then receiving a Nerf football at christmas. It was a two-toned sponge-like orange and blue football.

My father taught me how to throw the ball like a quarterback. And when the ball was thrown to me, I was instructed to catch it close to my chest and hold on to it. 

The football was one of my top two. I selected this gift because it was given to me by my Daddy. And we shared some quality bonding time playing ball.

As I grew a bit older. I decided I didn’t want to fit in with the boys, I wanted them to like me. My girlfriends and I were developing our first crushes.

Summer days were spent playing tag with the boys on the riverbank under the giant Weeping Willow trees.

It was our secret retreat. The droopy branches concealed us from the outside world. Or so at least we thought.

Because of those long ago days I developed an adoration for the free-spirited trees. Everytime we would drive past my old stomping ground. I couldn’t help but say “There’s the trees we would hang out under.” Even though I told my husband a million times, he always acted like it was the first time I was telling him.

Not only did he listen to my recollections he surprised me by planting my very own Weeping Willow in the backyard. He gave me a gift other than the tree. He gave me back the memory of my youth.

I thought it would be fun for others to write what their top two gifts of all time were. With a bit of history behind it.

So feel free to post a comment and a memory. It will be interesting to read.