I have witnessed a five- year old counting the days until their birthday. A child views aging as exciting. Birthdays are more about the events or milestones reached because of that special day. When you are five you long to be ten. When you are ten-you imagine turning sixteen. At sixteen you wish to be taken seriously and hope for eighteen to arrive soon. At eighteen-you’re almost there but not quite yet. It’s twenty-one that will make things happen. Aah no longer will you be viewed as a child. People can now start to take you seriously. Okay-your there, finally you have reached the land of adults. But it’s not what you expected. Reality isn’t as fun here as it was when you were five. There are no clowns waiting on the sidelines to hand out multicolored balloons. Nobody is handing you a goody bag filled with sweet tarts and lollipops. And if they were it just wouldn’t be the same. Birthdays become unsettling and the joy of aging disappears. When you are young you long to be old. And when you are old you wish you were still young. But with each birthday a new you is born. It’s what you do with that new person that matters. Don’t waste time wishing you were younger or older. Live for this moment and be grateful for the wisdom that each birthday brought. Because of all the gifts received wisdom is the only one that can’t be returned. It ages with you and becomes the heirloom you pass down. My daddy celebrated his birthday today. His wisdom is what I hope to attain. And if that means I must age to get it than so be it. Birthdays get harder as you get older. But the older you get the more people you have the ability to affect. And one of those people just may pass along the gift YOU gave.