I was chubby as a child. I like to say I had baby weight for say -sixteen years. I was determined to lose the baby weight once I entered eleventh grade. By the start of college I was beginning to hear talks of the freshmen fifteen. Oh I was not going to gain fifteen pounds. I just lost the baby fifteen. So, I watched and watched and watched what I ate. I survived college without gaining a pound. Okay, it wasn’t as hard for me as I am leading you to believe. My dorm was my parent’s house and the university I attended was a local college. There was no reason for me to live on pizza and fast food when my mother provided a hot meal each night. She was genius at balancing her meals carefully. All meals consisted of a protein, starch and vegetable. For dessert we were treated to a delicious fruit salad. College life ended and I entered into the world of married people. My home was no longer at my parents and my personal chef- aka my mother was home cooking for my father. I did luck out though, my husband worked second shift and I worked first. I was not expected to cook. I had to fend for myself as did he. It wasn’t hard maintaining my weight. My refrigerator only consisted of fresh-brewed iced tea and some condiments. I grew fond of boiled noodles and store bought spaghetti sauce. This way of life didn’t last too long. I was pregnant and knew in no time this person growing in my belly would look to me for food. Shortly after two more little persons entered my world. I assumed the role of chef and began cooking well balanced meals for my children. I was proud of myself for providing home-cooked dinners. But once again-life changed and a new fifteen was lurking, waiting, determined to throw itself at me. This time it’s the… baseball fifteen. I thought I better warn the unsuspecting mom’s out there. Especially the one’s that haven’t had a child join baseball yet. Four out of seven days I am at the field. Dinners have been preempted until further notice. I suppose I could prepare the meals earlier in the day or even days ahead. We could eat before we go, but then who wants to play on a full stomach. So I rationalize the options and decide it is easier to eat at the food stand. We can find protein in a hot dog, starch in a pizza, fruit in a Popsicle and sometimes there is broccoli and shells which gives us the vegetable. Do you see how dangerous this is? I am convincing myself it is okay to eat all this great junky food four days a week. So please, heed my advice and watch out. This fifteen comes disguised as convenient and inexpensive. This fifteen shows up even at away games and is very hard to resist. Consider yourself warned. I wish someone warned me.I found out by being unable to buckle my jeans.