A few weeks ago I had no idea what a blog was. I heard the name over and over. Mostly I heard of it in the news. Everytime Rosie got into a heated discussion with someone she supposedly talked about it on her blog. So I did have an inkling it was some type of online journal. I set one up as a way to network myself for future writing possibilities. Maybe just maybe someone somewhere would like reading what I wrote and who knows it could lead to something right? My excitement is beginning to dwindle a bit as I look at my blogging Stats. The first day I couldn’t believe I had eighty some hits, the next day was the same thing. But today only fifteen or so. I am beginning to get discouraged. Every spare moment I get I check to see if any comments were left or how many people viewed. I think I am addicted to blogs. But the lower my stats are the less I feel motivated. I guess I could look at it as regardless of who looks at what I have to say- I am writing. And writing is what I love to do.