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I am off. Tomorrow will be a big day for my son. He is graduating from pre-school. We are going to the ceremony and then on a mini vacation. Monday is his day. Tuesday is my big day. I am going to Meet the Editors. I am so excited about this event. It is a chance to meet fellow writer’s and learn a little more detailed information about the editing and publishing business. It can also be a foot in the door. We had the opportunity to send in the first page of a manuscript to be critiqued. I have done so and hope that mine will be chosen. Last year I didn’t follow the instructions correctly and missed the opportunity because of it. So wish me luck and send some good vibes my way because you never know what may come. My family will come along with me and make themselves busy during the event. Having them there is like a good luck charm. Hopefully they will look back one day and say I remember when we went with Mommy to help her become published. Now look she is. Throw some good vibes and positive thoughts my way.

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