Heaven needed an angel

One who was smart and kind.

They searched the earth

She was very hard to find.


Sharon’s spirit shined bright like the sun.

Heaven caught a glimpse and knew she was the one.

They didn’t ask our permission, we would’ve never agreed

She was one of us and now our hearts are left to bleed.


Today her spirit has been freed and she will fly

No doubt she will protect us until the day we die

She will watch over her family and keep them secure

She will be by their side when life is hard to endure


She is preparing her home for when we get to see

She is planning the celebration for our jubilee

She will ring the bells and gather everyone around

She will show us pictures of the day she was crowned


For a queen she is inside of Heaven’s doors

No longer will she suffer heartaches and wars

Until the day we meet up way beyond the sky

Take care our love, use your wings and fly