I have been tagged by the Writer Mama

1. I am very down to earth and sometimes think I would have made a good flower child

2. My father is full blooded Italian and his parents had an arranged marriage which produced 13 children

3. I often daydream about having my first published book. I get inspired by women such as The Writer Mama. I hope my children witness me achieve my dreams so they know theirs are possible

4. I have never been on an airplane. I had two cousins that were killed by Mac trucks a few years apart. Thus, I am afraid to death to drive on a highway. I make a good passenger though

5. I envision myself waking up every morning to do yoga, but the reality is I do it once every couple of months

6. I love any type of hair accessory, especially hair bands

7. I have a collection of angels. Each of them has been given to me and represents the person who gave them

8. My mother’s family is rumored to be descendant’s of Ernest Hemingway(Which might explain my love of writing)  

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