Thirteen Things about Maribeth

Wow 8 things yesterday 13 things today. You are going to get sick of me. I will get back to real writing soon.

This week I decided to choose 13 articles of clothing or anything that has to do with attire that I remember loving or still love.

Here we go

1....Red and white leather Nike sneakers (I slept with them)

2....Coca-Cola sweatshirt (It was a knock off)

3....Jordache jeans (they were a hand-me-down)

4....Fake Jean pumps (heels) at thirteen I'm sure I looked ridiculous

5....Gap Jean Jacket (One of the best purchases ever made)

6.... Cut off jean shorts (I thought I was soooo cool)

7....Rolled up sweat pants (again cool)

8....A hand-made leather bracelet with my name engraved in it

9....Vera Bradley purses

10....Black and white saddle shoes (I still think these are pretty cool for little girls)

11....My b-day dress I wore for my 30th

12....A pair of black and grey Steve Madden slipper like shoes (I wore them to death)

13. A pair of Drew-cut pants by the Limited

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