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Thirteen Things about MARIBETH

I love symbolism. I like the idea of having a little extra help with good luck. I have a complete understanding that all things given to us are from God. I realize good luck doesn’t happen because of trinkets or symbols, still I have always been interested in the stories behind different objects. The number thirteen is taboo to a lot of people so I thought it would be fun to write about thirteen things that supposively bring good luck.
(This is for fun. If you really need a change of luck, praying is always your best bet)
Hope you Enjoy!

1…. Wish Bone (It is said that when a wish bone is broken between two people whoever gets the longer half is promised good luck. If it is broken evenly both parties will be granted their wish. In our family it was always a Thanksgiving tradition to break the wishbone from the turkey. Poor Tom, I made many wishes thanks to him)

2…Horseshoe-(Believed to be lucky and protective. It is said if a horseshoe is nailed upside down above your door it will destroy the devil if he gets too close.)

3…Four Leaf Clovers-(It is very rare to find a four leaf clover(my daughter did and it really looked like one to me) If found it is said to be an omen of good luck. Each leaf has meaning
One leaf represents Hope, the second Faith, the third Love and the fourth is Good Luck.

4…Lady Bugs-It is siad that Ladybugs represent the Virgin Mother and they are signs of good weather. If a ladybug lands on you there is a chant you can recite. Ladybird Ladybird fly away home. Your house is on fire and children all roam. If the ladybug flies away your wish will come true. I have always been told to count the spots. The amount of spots represent how many wishes you may make. I love ladybugs

5…Rabbits Foot-(This has been a symbol of fertility since before 600 BC. They also symbolize prosperity,good luck,good crops and many children.

6…Acorns-(Are said to capture the Oak Tree’s power-They are believed to bring good luck and insure a long life.)

7…Fleur De Leis (I love this symbol and have a great story to tell about it but will save it for another day-This is historically a symbol of the trinity(The flower has three pedals but is only one flower just as there is one God but in his divine nature there is 3 persons-The Father, The Son and The holy spirit) This symbol can be associated with royalty and has been used for sports teams and was used by King Louis of France and placed on knights shields.
Writers have described the petals as Faith, Wisdom and Chivalry. Other cultures have adopted it as a symbol of Love, Passion and Light

The next five will be animals and what they are said to represent as far as luck

8…The Frog-(symbol of abundance-the amount of eggs they lay may have something to do with this-They are a strong good luck symbol

9…Elephant (They symbolize wisdom,good luck,strength,power and of course intelligence-Many believe their trunks must be turned up for them to be good luck)

10…Pig (Prosperity in abundance. Has also been noted to symbolize fertility)

11…Hippo (Protection of young. I have read that hippos protect the women of the house especially if they are of childbearing age)

12…Owl (Wisdom-Soldiers have held this as a special bird because it stays awake at night. It supposively allows them to see and hear clearly even when it’s dark

13… Butterflies ( Symbol of Change, joy, love and metamorphosis. Can represent the soul. There is a Native American legend which states if you capture a butterfly and whisper your wish it will carry your wish to the Great Spirit) Powerful symbol of transformation

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I am proud to say I am an optimist. I see my glass half full. If it’s half full, there is more to drink. Yeah life could be tough at times and certainly situations happen to all of us that we wish hadn’t. But in the big picture we are a lucky few. I once read that if you have spare change you are richer than most people in this world. Think about that for a second. More people than not have nothing or close to it. There are thousands maybe even millions that live in extreme poverty. My heart breaks every time I see a clip of a young child starving, standing in line for a cup of rice. They are not complaining that flies are circling their lips as they try to take a mouthful of mush. They are grateful to have something to eat. We all have bad days and there are times I myself can become pessimistic but on those days I try to remind myself just what I do have. I have a home to shelter me. My home is no mansion and can use a lot of work but it keeps me safe. I have choices when I open my refrigerator, sometimes the choices are less than the week before but still there is food. I have a cookie jar filled with loose coins that I can cash in on a rainy day. I have friends that I can call or write to when I need to vent. Even if the topic I am venting about is so silly I have people who will listen. I have a direct line with heaven and I call it everyday. Though I don’t get a verbal response there are many times I know my prayers were answered. I accept when the answer was not the one I was hoping for. I will not judge a person because I have not walked in their shoes. I give them the benefit of the doubt when they are miserable and hope there are valid reasons for them choosing that mood. I know there could be many reasons behind their behaviors including depression. I acknowledge this as a true sickness and sympathize with someone battling the terrible disease.  But for those of you that are crabby simply because you like to make other people miserable I plead with you to step outside of yourself and watch from a bystanders eye how you look.  If you see your glass as half empty, pour it out and fill it back up. There is but one life, at the end of the road you may look back and regret not recognizing the blessings you received. Call me a fool for seeing the bright side, but if living on the dark side is the alternative I will take it as a compliment. My cup is half full; there is room for much more. 

I am lazy. Why? I don’t know.

I am ambitious, although it doesn’t show.

My dreams differ from my reality, Can’t tell you why.

I see my vision before me, begging me to try.

I promise I will. I convince myself  it will be.

But here I am. Resting, sleeping, yeah that’s me.

One day I will wake up, my mind will run free.

Clarity will visit. It waits patiently. Hoping I will see.

Eventually I will resurface, emerging from the fog.

The dust of questions will settle and clear.

I will be energized, destiny is destiny, get rid of the fear.   

I did something the other day to help push me in the right direction. I took another writing class. This is an advanced course that will help with the completion of my novel. I want to be the person I envision myself to be. Not the person I am. Who is the person I envision? I see a go-getter, a girl who knows what she wants and then finds a way to get it. I know I am that girl, but I am also another girl, the daydreamer. The girl who looks out the window and fantasizes about what she wishes she could do. The older I become the clearer it is. Those hopes of a fool’s paradise are tangible if I utilize my time properly. I tend to waste time thinking about having a published novel rather than working hard to make sure my novel is published. I write everyday, probably a thousand words or more. If I took all the words I wrote for one month and added them to the novel I have started it might be finished. I stand in my way and I think it’s time I step aside. I fear failure but I fear success just as much. A wise person once said if you want something done do it yourself. I know there is no one out there that will walk up to me and say “Hey I heard you wanted to write a novel, tell me what you want it to be about and I will write it for you.” And if there was a person that offered to do that I would turn them down. It’s like stealing the answers from the kid next to you. You might get a good grade but you don’t get satisfaction or a sense of accomplishment. I want the good grade and know I studied very hard and earned it. I am who I am but it’s  I who could change me.  

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Thirteen Things about YMaribeth

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Thursday again. Time for another TT. It’s the end of summer, school is starting and Fall is just around the corner. Networks are gearing up for the new television season. I have decided this week to make a list of the television shows I grew up on. I’m sure you will be able to recall a few. Have a great Thursday.

1… Happy Days (Forget the Fonze, I loved Chachi. Pinky Tuscadero was a cool chic but Leather was the coolest. The Mallachi brothers scared me and I sat on the edge of my seat watching the demolition derbies)

2… Laverne and Shirley- Loved these two girls. I probably tried Milk and Pepsi a dozen times hoping I would love it as much as Laverne (I never did). I wanted to love a stuffed animal as much as Shirley loved Boo Boo Kitty (never did) (I loved when Shirley was down she could be cheered up by the song High Hopes-Just what makes that little old ant-Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant…)

3…Mork and Mindy-Na-Nu Na-Nu(I could never get my fingers to do what he did-But I tried like heck)-I thought I looked so cool wearing a pair of those multi-colored suspenders-I would love to have a photo of that now.

4…Dukes of Hazzard- Bo and Luke Duke were such heartbreakers. Every Friday night was a date night with Daddy and the Good Ol’ Boys.(The tomboy in me wanted to jump in a car through the window. I’m sure I would have broke the door if I tried)

5…Fantasy Island- (The plane)I loved the beginning where Mr. Roarke and Tattoo would stand on the island and wait for the plane to come. There was an episode in which mannequins were coming alive. For years I would walk past the mannequins in a store and think they were moving.

6…Waltons-This was a show I would watch after school right before 5:00 dinner. I loved John-Boy (probably because he was the writer) I wanted our family to say goodnight the way they did (it never happened)

7…Little House on the Prairie-My favorite part was in the beginning when they showed them rolling down the hills. I wanted to do that. I have since done it and would do it again, Very Fun

8…Knots Landing-My mother would watch this on Friday nights, I would sneak in and watch. I thought Nicolette Sheridan was the prettiest girl I ever saw.

9…Gimme A Break – I loved Nell and I am still saddened that she died. Who could forget Joey he made the show

10…Facts of Life- I loved the girls on the Facts of Life. I wanted to roller-skate around like Tootie. Blair was such a snob-you loved to hate her. I wanted to be in a boarding school

11…The Love Boat- Loved the Love Boat, Gopher was my favorite. I wanted to be on the cruise ship-I loved seeing what celebrities would come on the ship each week

12…Magical Garden-A local television show about two hippie girls that would play their guitars while swinging on giant swings. Everything was magical, the trees, the flowers, bushes etc. I would love to see this show one more time.

13…Bewitched-I wanted to be Samantha-I thought if I scrunched my nose hard enough and stared at an object without blinking I could make it move. I think one of the hardest things to accept as a child is the fact that we don’t have powers like they do on T.V.

Hope you enjoyed my TT, I would love to hear what your favorite shows were.
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I got some positive feedback from my crab-ravioli recipe so I thought what the heck I would throw another one out there. I am busy writing for a class I just started and only have a few minutes to spare for blog time. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce another yummy recipe. Once again it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I am sure you could make it work.

Mmm Mmm Mushrooms

6 Portabella mushroom caps

1 bag of frozen spinach

-clove of garlic

-roasted red pepper from the bottle

-tablespoon or so of olive oil

-pinch or more of parmesan cheese

-2 or three slices of cheddar cheese per mushroom

Defrost spinach in microwave to save time. Once done fill cap of mushroom with spinach.

Place sliced roasted red pepper on top of spinach 

Top with fresh garlic(as much or little as you like)

Place slices of cheese on top and drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and a small shake of salt and pepper to top it off.

Wrap mushrooms individually in foil and heat for about ten to fifteen minutes.

You can use a conventional oven, a toaster oven or the grill (my favorite) to make these.

I have received many compliments on these and you will too.

Enjoy-Let me know how they turn out.

I was pleasantly surprised to see I had a comment on yesterday’s post from no other than…The Writer Mama herself. That was a gold star in itself. I failed to mention yesterday that it was because of the Writer Mama that I started a blog. She mentioned on her blog a few months back that writers should consider setting up a blog. At that time I had no idea what a blog was or how to set one up. I e-mailed her not expecting a reply(I knew she was a very busy woman). Not only did she reply to me but she helped walk me through the blog process. Yesterday I had my 2000th hit, so Thanks Writer Mama-you set me on a path I would have never known was there.

I have heard the song Loser by Beck repeatedly over the last few days. It’s a catchy tune with a rhythmic beat and it’s repeated lyric was stuck in my head. The lyric that serenaded my thoughts were… I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me. It’s a bit morbid but catchy. Today I was excited to see the new Writer’s Digest nestled inside my mailbox. My mood quickly changed when I came to page eighteen. I wasn’t expecting to see the announcement of the Writer Mama’s contest so soon. I didn’t think it was going to be announced until October but then realized The Writer’s Digest I was reading was the October issue. Needless to say I did not win or even place for that matter. I am not bitter and truly offer my sincerest congratulations to the winner Kristin Carlson whose article was perfectly written. I am bummed out simply because rejection is a hard pill to swallow. We send our literary masterpieces (as we would like to think of them) out into the sea of boundless words and hope they will be returned with a gold star. We wait for days, weeks even months holding onto the cliff of our mind called wishful thinking.  When it is confirmed we weren’t even close to the brass ring disappointment rushes through our soul and we question why we tried in the first place. I have chosen to accept rejections as progress. The fact that we are being rejected means we are putting ourselves out there. And that’s better than having a desk full of manuscripts never sent. I have decided I will wait patiently for my gold star. I will take other’s accomplishments and make them my own. Because if someone else can do it so can I. I may have not won the Writer Mama’s Contest but I did have a fun time writing down my moment of when parenting and writing collide. I have decided to share it with you.  Though I was a loser this time around I still feel confident that one day I will be the winner.                                


  When you are a parent the sound of silence is both soothing and suspicious. I have spent a great deal of time deciphering which one I should take it as. Doing so has caused many interruptions in my writing career. I check on the kids. The boys are in my son’s room playing X-box. My daughter is sleeping beautifully on my TV room’s couch.     Excitement floods through me. I gather my slippers, journal, pen and thoughts. Sink down into my comfy leather chair, turn on a little music and prepare myself to create a piece of literature; I am sure will be a masterpiece. Before my pen could graze the paper I am presented with the first disruption.  Standing before me is my four-year-old nephew. His days are spent at my house while his mother works.                 

 “Aunt Mar,” he says smirking. My stomach twists a bit, Already, I think. “My bud needs you,” he states. By bud he means my son. “What does he need?” I ask. A twinkle of embarrassment illuminates his giant blue eyes.  “For you to wipe him.”  I jump from my chair and trudge upstairs to my one and only bathroom. Hunched in front of the toilet is my blonde curly haired little man bent over. His bare dirty butt is greeting me. I grab some toilet paper and continue doing what we Mothers do. After washing my hands and escorting them back to his room. I race back down the stairs. Hoping my thoughts can still be retrieved. After all I didn’t have time to write them down.  I let out a deep breath and plop back into my chair. It gladdens me that most of my original thoughts are still fresh in my mind. But, this time I will be better prepared for the next hindrance. I grab my pen and journal and furiously jot down my vision of words.     A stampede of heavy footsteps can now be heard above me. I pause and listen. It is obvious the x-box game has been abandoned. Maybe they will go in and watch the movie that is still playing from their last trip downstairs. I am thrilled when I peek in and see them sprawled across the floor intently watching the movie they begged me to buy. At last, I can finally start writing. I scribble down the clever title I came up with. Oh, this is sweet; I visualize myself drafting, escaping, creating, and then… reality hits.  The whaling of my two-year-old daughter is my wake-up call. So, once again I vacate my cushy chair and enter back into the world that inspires the very thing I write about.  

Thirteen Things about Maribeth

There’s nothing like smelling a good perfume. I have purchased or received many great fragrances. Today’s thirteen is about perfumes I have owned, loved, or got sick of.

1… Coco Mademoiselle-Chanel (My all time favorite. It is a perfect fall/winter scent-it smells so delicious it is almost edible)

2… Adrienne Vittadini-(Great deep smell, after two bottles I began to think it had more of a masculine smell-but still loved it

3… AV-Adrienne Vittadini (Fresh and cool, loved this one-would definitely buy again-cool bottle(I’m a sucker for a pretty bottle)

4… Extravagance-Givenchy (Fruity and sugary smelling-just a dab of this perfume is more than enough-too much can be overpowering)

5… Black-Kenneth Cole (received as a birthday gift- Initially I thought it was a bit strong but after a while it grew on me and became one of my all time favorites. Hints of citrus-I have been asked what type of shampoo I used when wearing this.

6… Nature-BCBG Girls-(Another fresh smelling scent-I tend to like spicy or fresh. I have received many compliments on this perfume- Hints of tangerine)

7…Sexual Madness-Fragrant Oil (Bought this years ago at a Vendor in the middle of the mall-It was the best smelling oil ever. I kick myself for not stocking up on it and now I cannot find it.

8…Happy-Clinique-Light and Sweet -(liked smell but was disappointed how quickly it wore off)

9…Design-Paul Sebastian-(At one point I loved this perfume so much I would spray it on my robe so it was the first thing I smelled when I got out of the shower-Now it is way too sweet for me, I’m not sure I could wear it again-Maybe I used too much of it I made myself sick of it)

10… Provocative Woman-Elizabeth Arden-(Very Spicy -love the warmth of this smell-it’s definitely a head turning scent)

11…Curve Soul- Liz Claiborne-The bohemian in me loves this scent-Earthy but light-Makes you feel like you have depth

12…Burberry- Great! I got this as a handy-me-down from a friend who had an extra bottle. I was so sad when I used the last spritz

13…Poison…My hubby bought this for me one of our first christmas’s together. As long as you don’t over spray it’s a great winter smell. I would like to purchase this again to see if it brings flashbacks.

What’s your favorite perfume? Any suggestions, I am always up for a new scent. A girl can’t have enough.

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Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

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     We arrived early on Saturday night to set up the Bingo tent. It was our church’s bazaar and we were responsible to run Bingo. My daughter’s eyes widened when she saw the microphone. “Is that a real microphone?” she asked. “Yes, but only the Bingo caller is allowed to use it,” I explained. “Please can I sing Hey there Delilah?” (A very popular song that is now all over the air-waves) My sister nodded “Go ahead, there are not too many people here yet.” She grasped onto the microphone and quietly began to sing. Her soulful green eyes stayed fixed on me. I looked into them and found perspective. There she was, my seven-year-old rock star singing a tune to me. The words she sang were someone else’s but the story her eyes told were all her own. It was not a story about some girl named Delilah a thousand miles away. This was the tale of a young girl loving what she was doing and hoped her mother was proud. I saw myself in those eyes. I am a part of her as she is me. I want for her what became absent in me. She is right to believe that life is full of possibilities and if singing is what she loves to do then she will find her stage to perform and an audience to cheer her on. Some where at some point, I grew up, as all children do, and my dreams trailed and reality set in. I recognized the realism of the adult world. We tuck away the fantasies and illusions and accept that our chances were missed. It’s through our children we get another chance. Another chance to experience success and marvel in the thought of what life may bring. The trick is to be aware of the balance. Though we are a part of their life, it is their life. They may make the same bad choices we made. Our stomachs twist at the thought of that. It is possible they will make worse. Our stomachs rise to our throats thinking about that. But what if they make better choices? What if they live their dreams? How wonderful would that be to watch the extensions of us become their fantasy. The thought of that is exciting and makes life interesting all over again. My daughter may change her mind a thousand times before she knows what her true passion is. Or she might be rocking on some stage ten years from now. And when they interview her on some trendy talk show and ask her when it was she knew what she wanted to be, maybe she will say “The day I sang to my mother under some Bingo tent.”  Maybe she saw something in my eyes like I saw in hers. Something that lead her to believe she could be exactly who she dreamt of being.


I love jewelry. Wait, let me reiterate that statement. I L-O-V-E jewelry. It does not have to be expensive or come from a glass enclosed case but it does have to be interesting. I prefer something unique and eye catching. To me, jewelry is a conversation piece. It is worth wearing if it sparks up a comment, even if the comment isn’t flattering. If a remark is made than it is definite that it caught someone’s attention. You would think a person who loves jewelry as much as I do would be meticulous about its upkeep. Yeah, you would think. Unfortunately this is not me. I start out with the best intentions. I promise myself with each new piece I will take very good care of it. Sort of like a five-year-old begging for a puppy, promising to feed it, walk it and even help with bath time. The puppy comes and the promises get broken almost immediately. It always happens the same way, the first night I remove my jewelry and proudly tuck it away into its safe haven. The jewelry box I begged my husband to buy me so I could take care of my adornments. The second night I’m too tired to walk upstairs to put it all away, but I do anyway because I made a promise. By the third night I take my bracelets off and set them next to my keyboard, assuring myself they will be fine until morning. It’s not until the next morning I curse myself for not putting it away. I hear small pings scattering across the hardwood floor. At first the noise doesn’t register. I dismiss it as usual background noise.  It’s not odd to hear things hit the floor. Someone is always dropping something and mostly on purpose. About a minute after the noise my thoughts are awakened and I realize what the noise was. It was the sound of small beads falling to the floor after being released from the small stretchy band they were strung upon. It was… my new bracelet. “What was that?” I call out. By this time whoever was responsible for the destruction of my newest favorite piece is pretending to not know what I’m talking about. “What was what?” is the response. I search the floor hoping to see a random marble (even though I know this would have made a heavier sound). I circle around the coffee table looking for a trail of beads. Just as I’m about to exhale and tell myself I was wrong I step on a small pointy object. I know before I even look what I will find. There wedged into my bare sole like it belonged there is a bead to my new bracelet. Luckily, it was actually six bracelets meant to be worn together  (Chunky jewelry-my fave) and five were still left. I gather the remaining five and race upstairs to my bedroom to put them in their proper place. I make another promise to myself. I am an optimist and believe one day I will win the fight with my alter ego. I am also a realist and acknowledge I have many earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, head bands and charms amongst the missing. It was because of the broken promises they were lost and haven’t been found.   I am missing one of the trait’s Virgo’s are known for-“organization” and I would like it found.  

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