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Thirteen Things about YMaribeth

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Thursday again. Time for another TT. It’s the end of summer, school is starting and Fall is just around the corner. Networks are gearing up for the new television season. I have decided this week to make a list of the television shows I grew up on. I’m sure you will be able to recall a few. Have a great Thursday.

1… Happy Days (Forget the Fonze, I loved Chachi. Pinky Tuscadero was a cool chic but Leather was the coolest. The Mallachi brothers scared me and I sat on the edge of my seat watching the demolition derbies)

2… Laverne and Shirley- Loved these two girls. I probably tried Milk and Pepsi a dozen times hoping I would love it as much as Laverne (I never did). I wanted to love a stuffed animal as much as Shirley loved Boo Boo Kitty (never did) (I loved when Shirley was down she could be cheered up by the song High Hopes-Just what makes that little old ant-Think he’ll move that rubber tree plant…)

3…Mork and Mindy-Na-Nu Na-Nu(I could never get my fingers to do what he did-But I tried like heck)-I thought I looked so cool wearing a pair of those multi-colored suspenders-I would love to have a photo of that now.

4…Dukes of Hazzard- Bo and Luke Duke were such heartbreakers. Every Friday night was a date night with Daddy and the Good Ol’ Boys.(The tomboy in me wanted to jump in a car through the window. I’m sure I would have broke the door if I tried)

5…Fantasy Island- (The plane)I loved the beginning where Mr. Roarke and Tattoo would stand on the island and wait for the plane to come. There was an episode in which mannequins were coming alive. For years I would walk past the mannequins in a store and think they were moving.

6…Waltons-This was a show I would watch after school right before 5:00 dinner. I loved John-Boy (probably because he was the writer) I wanted our family to say goodnight the way they did (it never happened)

7…Little House on the Prairie-My favorite part was in the beginning when they showed them rolling down the hills. I wanted to do that. I have since done it and would do it again, Very Fun

8…Knots Landing-My mother would watch this on Friday nights, I would sneak in and watch. I thought Nicolette Sheridan was the prettiest girl I ever saw.

9…Gimme A Break – I loved Nell and I am still saddened that she died. Who could forget Joey he made the show

10…Facts of Life- I loved the girls on the Facts of Life. I wanted to roller-skate around like Tootie. Blair was such a snob-you loved to hate her. I wanted to be in a boarding school

11…The Love Boat- Loved the Love Boat, Gopher was my favorite. I wanted to be on the cruise ship-I loved seeing what celebrities would come on the ship each week

12…Magical Garden-A local television show about two hippie girls that would play their guitars while swinging on giant swings. Everything was magical, the trees, the flowers, bushes etc. I would love to see this show one more time.

13…Bewitched-I wanted to be Samantha-I thought if I scrunched my nose hard enough and stared at an object without blinking I could make it move. I think one of the hardest things to accept as a child is the fact that we don’t have powers like they do on T.V.

Hope you enjoyed my TT, I would love to hear what your favorite shows were.
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