Thirteen Things about MARIBETH

I love symbolism. I like the idea of having a little extra help with good luck. I have a complete understanding that all things given to us are from God. I realize good luck doesn’t happen because of trinkets or symbols, still I have always been interested in the stories behind different objects. The number thirteen is taboo to a lot of people so I thought it would be fun to write about thirteen things that supposively bring good luck.
(This is for fun. If you really need a change of luck, praying is always your best bet)
Hope you Enjoy!

1…. Wish Bone (It is said that when a wish bone is broken between two people whoever gets the longer half is promised good luck. If it is broken evenly both parties will be granted their wish. In our family it was always a Thanksgiving tradition to break the wishbone from the turkey. Poor Tom, I made many wishes thanks to him)

2…Horseshoe-(Believed to be lucky and protective. It is said if a horseshoe is nailed upside down above your door it will destroy the devil if he gets too close.)

3…Four Leaf Clovers-(It is very rare to find a four leaf clover(my daughter did and it really looked like one to me) If found it is said to be an omen of good luck. Each leaf has meaning
One leaf represents Hope, the second Faith, the third Love and the fourth is Good Luck.

4…Lady Bugs-It is siad that Ladybugs represent the Virgin Mother and they are signs of good weather. If a ladybug lands on you there is a chant you can recite. Ladybird Ladybird fly away home. Your house is on fire and children all roam. If the ladybug flies away your wish will come true. I have always been told to count the spots. The amount of spots represent how many wishes you may make. I love ladybugs

5…Rabbits Foot-(This has been a symbol of fertility since before 600 BC. They also symbolize prosperity,good luck,good crops and many children.

6…Acorns-(Are said to capture the Oak Tree’s power-They are believed to bring good luck and insure a long life.)

7…Fleur De Leis (I love this symbol and have a great story to tell about it but will save it for another day-This is historically a symbol of the trinity(The flower has three pedals but is only one flower just as there is one God but in his divine nature there is 3 persons-The Father, The Son and The holy spirit) This symbol can be associated with royalty and has been used for sports teams and was used by King Louis of France and placed on knights shields.
Writers have described the petals as Faith, Wisdom and Chivalry. Other cultures have adopted it as a symbol of Love, Passion and Light

The next five will be animals and what they are said to represent as far as luck

8…The Frog-(symbol of abundance-the amount of eggs they lay may have something to do with this-They are a strong good luck symbol

9…Elephant (They symbolize wisdom,good luck,strength,power and of course intelligence-Many believe their trunks must be turned up for them to be good luck)

10…Pig (Prosperity in abundance. Has also been noted to symbolize fertility)

11…Hippo (Protection of young. I have read that hippos protect the women of the house especially if they are of childbearing age)

12…Owl (Wisdom-Soldiers have held this as a special bird because it stays awake at night. It supposively allows them to see and hear clearly even when it’s dark

13… Butterflies ( Symbol of Change, joy, love and metamorphosis. Can represent the soul. There is a Native American legend which states if you capture a butterfly and whisper your wish it will carry your wish to the Great Spirit) Powerful symbol of transformation

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