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Thirteen Things about Maribeth

I started thinking about all of the video games out there the other day and had a flashback to my childhood. When I was younger there was no Nintendo,X-box,Sega,Wii,or whatever else might now be available. There was one game only, and if you were lucky you had it. It was Atari. I loved Atari and thought it was the coolest thing ever thought up. I spent hours in front of my television maneuvering the joystick to conquer whatever I needed to in order to advance to a new level. For this Thursday Thirteen I am choosing to reflect on my favorite Atari Games. I bet some of you still remember yours.

1…. PAC MAN-I loved this little yellow creature and always tried my best to prevent him from becoming the ghosts that looked more like mops. My favorite part was seeing the fruit flashing at the bottom of my screen -They were the ticket to the next level

2….DIG DUG-There was something about digging a path in the dirt that thrilled me. I enjoyed encountering the bad guys, it was fun to pump them up to get rid of them.

3…PIT FALL- The tiny man jumping over puddles was exciting. My favorite was when he would catch a swinging vine and smoothly sail across the obstacle in front of him. I definitely developed a fear of scorpions after watching how quickly they could kill on this game

4…DONKEY KONG-I have always loved King Kong so the idea of a giant gorilla jumping around definitely interested me. I desperately tried to avoid the barrells so Mario could reach his beloved Pauline

5…FROGGER-I frantically hopped my little froggy through traffic while the clock ticked. It was delightful to jump on a log or the back of a turtle and feel like you were one step closer to the top. Unfortunately many frogs met their maker because of me.

6…GALAGA-My fingers throbbed after playing this game. I was good at shooting down the bad guys. My spaceship was a force to be reckoned with. The sound effects made this game all the more addicting

7…PAPER BOY- The fact that I was a paper girl when this game released made it all the more appealing. I think I mostly chose Easy Street for the route my kid on the bike would take. I tried my hardest not to break any windows when I would release the paper but I still remember the crashing sound when I did.

8…CENTIPEDE- I spent hours trying to eliminate the slithering centipede before it reached my spider looking guy. The mushroom filled screen was a bit trippy. I remember seeing this game in Arcade with a roller ball instead of a joystick and I was thrilled

9…KABOOM- I think this was the first game I used the paddle controller for. The mad bomber was furiously dropping bombs and I desperately tried to get my buckets of water under them before they hit the ground. I have to say, I was very good at this one too.

10…SPACE INVADERS-Looking back this game was so generically made but back then I didn’t think so. Rows of aliens marched across the screen. I dodged many bullets while trying to get my laser to destroy the relentless monsters

11…DUCK HUNT-I have to admit I felt a bit guilty playing this one. I wasn’t sure I wanted to shoot a duck down

12…Q*BERT-LOVED THIS GAME! This was one of my top three favorite games. I loved bouncing the crazy orange guy with the protruding nose down the pyramid of colors. I escaped the purple snake many times

13…PONG-If you can remember Pong than you are at least as old as I am or older. I actually remember this being the first game I ever played. My father brought home a little black box that we plugged in to the television kitchen and played pong for hours. As boring as it appears it kept me entertained.

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  I love how so many mother’s in the blogging world came up with catchy names for themselves. You have Writer Mama, Tired Mama, Overworked Mama and many more. I asked myself -What catchy name would you call yourself in reference to motherhood. Some brilliant ideas floated through my mind but after yesterday and the incident from last week’s Mommy and Me I came up with my perfect name. I am… Decorated Mama. Before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. I am not crafty, at least not in a conventional way. I am not known for my decor techniques (Believe it or not-my husband is better at that then me). My decorations are not bought and most likely would not be willingly copied. They are decorations that adorn my wardrobe and are always unintended. Whether it is an inconvenient splat, which was yesterday’s decoration or an embarrassing rip that I become aware of while standing amongst a group of people I can guarantee that I am always decorated. My girlfriend calls it Wardrobe Confession; she came up with this clever title after hearing my umpteenth excuse of why there was a stain, rip, drip, or missing button somewhere on my clothing. I try to keep up with fashion I really do, but I have come to accept that as polished as I try to look there is always something lurking, waiting to be seen. I am beginning to think there are invisible elves working very hard at making their selves laugh at my expense. After last week’s episode with the unzipped zipper flapping in the wind I thought that would be it for a while. I was wrong. My two-year old loves to pour the liquid into the dishwasher-which is exactly why I started buying those handy little tablets you just pop in and forget about. I couldn’t pass up the great sale on the liquid this week so instead of my child friendly tablets I opted for the liquid. Yesterday she insisted on filling up the dishwasher. At first I stood behind her proudly. Pride turned to panic as I watched her squirt it all over the door. I quickly grabbed it from her, or should I say wrestled it out of her hands. After enduring a half hour temper tantrum I was relieved when she finally stopped crying.  Because, Decorated Mama was desperate, I bribed her. I promised I would lay on the couch with her and watch Barney. While watching Barney we both dozed off and I couldn’t have been happier. That was, until I realized it was time to pick up my other two children from school. I jumped from the couch, my eyes were sticky and blurred because I fell asleep with my contacts in. The only thing I had time to do was squirt some saline solution in my eyes to moisten them and then I was off. As I was putting the car in park I happened to glance down. Splattered across my left thigh was what looked like white paint. I was confused; I had no idea what it could be. I looked over to my right leg and there it was again. Keep in mind I was wearing black pants. I sat in the car motionless thinking what am I going to do? I can’t go back home, they are being left out any minute. I did what any woman would do in my shoes. I licked my finger and frantically tried to rub the white goop away with spit. It wasn’t working. I had to suck it up and go wait for my kids decorated in …Dishwashing Liquid.  I walked up to the other mothers smiled and went into Wardrobe Confession.

This week I did something I have never done before. I participated in a Mommy and Me class. I had my first two children within thirteen months of each other. Shortly after my second child was born I started watching my sisters’ daughter. Within another year I was watching my other sisters’ son. Needless to say I didn’t have the luxury of attending the Mommy and Me classes. In a blink of an eye I went from having no children to caring for five. I had my third child a little over two years ago so my plate definitely became full. Leaving my house during the day wasn’t an option. Life flew by. Three of the five children are now in school all day and my nephew is in pre-school three days a week. For the first time in seven years I am home with one child. A friend of mine suggested I start Mommy and Me. She assured me my daughter would love it. I wasn’t so sure, I would. Not because I wouldn’t enjoy some mother/daughter bonding time with my youngest child, because, I would. The thing holding me back was the fact that I would be going alone. I didn’t have a sidekick friend accompanying me. What if there were cliques and I didn’t fit in. What if I was underdressed, or overdressed, would they be whispering as I walked by? I think all women have an insecurity complex hiding inside of them. I make friends easily, I am not shy, but I still know how it is to feel out of place. This, is what I was hoping would not happen. I threw on a pair of khakis, put some makeup on, ran a brush through my hair, strapped the baby in her car seat and drove to the hall. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by smiling mothers. I felt comfortable in the outfit I chose to wear. I wasn’t overdressed or underdressed. The first part of the session was puzzles. My daughter and I grabbed a few out of the storage bin, brought them to a table and put them together. It was exciting to see her enthusiastically putting the color coordinated puzzle together. I was beaming when she called out the colors correctly. After the puzzles we sat on the floor for music time. We swayed back and forth, snapping our fingers and clapping our hands, to kid friendly music. We walked around in a circle banging tambourines against our thighs while The Mickey Mouse Club song blared. I even engaged in small talk with other mothers. I felt good, my daughter was having fun and I was having a blast watching her having fun. The smile was still on my face when I got home. I felt a little blue knowing my other kids missed out on Mommy and Me. My smile quickly faded when I looked downward. The zipper of my khakis was down. Being the analyzer I am, I spent the rest of the day wondering when the zipper became unzipped. Was it down when I walked in? What about when I was walking in the circle banging the tambourine. Did I look like a complete idiot dancing about with my two year old while my fly was down? Did any of the other mother’s notice and were they waiting for me to leave to burst out laughing? It could have happened on the drive home which is what I am making myself believe. I will definitely be going back but this time I think I will opt for a piece of clothing that doesn’t have a zipper. But knowing my luck, I will decide to wear light colored pants, sit on a squashed candy bar, dance around to M-I-C-K-E-Y and only find out when another mother pulls me aside to quietly tell me.  

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Thirteen Things about  Maribeth
 In relation to me changing my blog presentation this week, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about trees. I love trees. They are the decorations that put beauty into landscapes. This is a tribute to thirteen trees and what they symbolize.

1…. Weeping Willow-(My all time favorite)-Willow tree symbolism- magic, healing, inner vision, dreams

2...Pine Trees (Reminds me of my childhood) Pine tree symbolism - creativity, life, longevity, immortality

3... Palm Trees (Represents places I would like to see) Palm tree symbolism- peace and opportunity

4...Birch Trees (I remember doing a Birch tree in Art Class and I loved how its trunk was striped) Birch tree symbolism- new beginnings, cleansing of past, vision quests

 4...Apple Trees (Makes you feel homey)  Apple tree symbolism- magic, youth, beauty, happiness

5...Chestnut Trees (The first boy I fell in love with lived in a house with a big Chestnut tree in the backyard. Chestnut trees symbolize LOVE.

5...Maple Trees (To me they represent richness and depth) Maple tree symbolism- balance, promise, practicality

6...Fig Tree (Reminds me of an older Italian couple my husband cut grass for in his youth. The husband would come out in his Sunday Clothes and pick figs from the tree.) Fig Tree symbolism-Divination,Fertility,Love

7...Lemon Tree (How Fun!)Longevity,purification,friendship,love

8...Oak Tree (I see it as sturdy,The one who has the most wisdom)Oak Tree Symbolism-Protection,Health,Money,Healing,Potency,Fertility,Luck

8...Cherry Trees (Cherry Blossoms are awesome trees and really know how to brighten a day) Cherry Symbolism-Death and rebirth, new akakenings.

9...Pear Tree (Reminds me of my neighbors' yard when I was a little girl. We hoped the pears would fall into our yard so we could taste them. Pear Tree symbolism-Lust,Love (Who would have thought?)

9...Bonsai Trees (The Karate Kid, I was captivated by these tiny trees after watching the Mr. Miyagi carefully take care of them) The only symbolis I found on these trees are Endurance.

10...Elm Trees (When bare they can be very haunting) Strength of will, intuition

11...Maple Tree (Absolutely gorgeous in Fall-The color is magnificient) Maple Tree Symbolism-


12...Magnolia-(Romantic and whimsical)Magnolia Tree Symbolism-Fidelity

13...MONEY TREE (I have been searching for this one for a long time, if anyone knows its whereabouts please do tell :)

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Hey my fellow writing mother’s. Don’t forget to stop by Christina Katz blog The Writer Mama. There are only thirteen days left to her September Giveaway. The contest is going strong and she is getting lots of comments each day. If you love to write or if you dream of writing whiz by her blog and answer the question of the day and you may be a winner. Be sure to let me know if you win. You can click on her site through my blogroll.

If you are reading this post and visited my blog prior to today you have noticed I changed my presentation. I thought it was time. I searched a bit until I found one that I connected with. As soon as I saw the trees and the green and yellow colors I thought perfect. There are many reasons I felt a connection with this theme. The first being, it reminds me of being a little girl. I grew up in the seventies and eighties when life was full of color and wallpaper. I vividly remember the wallpaper that adorned the walls of my parents’ house. It was a landscape of trees. Whenever boredom set in I would lay on the couch with my feet draped over the arm and stare up at it. I imagined living amongst it and hiding behind the trees. It was like having another country or far-away land right above me. It was my first taste of, a fantasy world. There was also a picture that hung in our living room that stretched the length of a very long wall. It was yet another tree. The branches swept across the body of water in front of it and it was painted in autumn (my favorite season) colors. I think I fell in love with trees because of the wallpaper and painting. To me trees represent life. They decorate our scenic masterpieces and provide inspiration to artist of all kinds. Because the title of my blog is Moments and Memories I also thought this presentation would be appropriate. The trees triggered a moment of my childhood that became a memory. This will not be the last time I tinker with the presentation. I love to evolve. I get bored with the same thing over and over. I like to change it up a bit. Whether it be my hair, clothing, jewelry, or home décor my taste is constantly changing to fit my mood. I have learned never to say I don’t like that, whatever that may be, because a year from now I will probably love it. So, there you have it, a new presentation for the mood I’m feeling. What is the mood? Hmm, I think I will call it…Change of Season.

Thirteen Things about Maribeth

I love to dream. When I remember my dreams I love to look up the symbolisms and see what they represent. Most of the time, I find their meanings directly relate to situations currently happening in my life. I also love colors; in the past I have said that Midnight Blue is my favorite color. But, the truth is I love all colors, I really don’t have one favorite. I think my color of choice depends on my mood. A great site I love is called For this week’s Thursday Thirteen I have decided to list thirteen colors and what they mean if you dream of them according to DreamMoods.Com. I hope you find it interesting. (Another great site to check out if you love colors and feel they can represent a mood is

Sweet Dreams, I hope your dreams are full of color!

White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life. However, in Eastern cultures, white is associated with death and mourning.

2… Black
Black symbolizes the unknown, unconscious, danger, mystery, darkness, death, mourning, hate or malice.
If the feeling in the dream is one of joy, blackness could imply hidden spirituality and divine qualities.
To dream in black and white, suggests that you need to be more objective in formulating your decisions. You may be a little too unyielding in your thought process and thus need to find some sort of balance between two opposing views. Consider the views and opinions of others. Alternatively, black and white dreams is a sign of depression or sadness. You may feel that there is not enough excitement in your life.

Blue represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, loyalty and openness. The presence of this color in your dream, may symbolize your spiritual guide and your optimism of the future. You have clarity of mind.
Depending on the context of your dream, the color blue may also be a metaphor of “being blue” and feeling sad.

The golden color reflects your spiritual rewards, richness, refinement and enhancement of your surroundings.

Green signifies a positive change, good health, growth, healing, hope, vigor, vitality, peace, and serenity. Green is also symbolic of your strive to gain recognition and establish your independence. Money, wealth and jealousy are often associated with this color.
Dark green indicates materialism, cheating, deceit, and/or difficulties with sharing. You need to balance between your masculine and feminine attributes.

Gray indicates fear, fright, depression, ill health, ambivalence and confusion. You may feel emotionally distant or detached.

Pink represents love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection, kindness. Being in love or healing through love is also implied with this color.

Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, and dignity.

Red is an indication of raw energy, force, vigor, intense passion, aggression, power, courage and passion. The color red has deep emotional and spiritual connotations.
Red is also the color of danger, shame, sexual impulses and urges. Perhaps you need to stop and think about your actions.

Silver represents justice and purity. It is symbolic of some protective energy.

The color yellow has both positive and negative connotations. If the dream is a pleasant one, then the color yellow is symbolic of intellect, energy, agility, happiness, harmony, and wisdom. On the other hand, if the dream is an unpleasant one, then the color represents cowardice and sickness. You may have a fear or an inability to make a decision or take action. As a result, you are experiencing many setbacks.

Brown denotes worldliness, practicality, domestic and physical comfort, conservatism, and a materialistic character. Brown also represents the ground and earth.

Orange denotes friendliness, courtesy, lively, sociability, and an out-going nature. You may want to expand your horizons and look into new interests.

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A person never realizes how much time has gone by until they see the child they once knew become an adult. As a child I never looked at anyone and thought has it been that long? Probably, because I was the one people were looking at thinking that. I was the child. Now that I am the adult I find myself coming across this situation more and more. Growing up everyone looks the same to you. You don’t see the aging process happening, it’s pretty much smoke and mirrors. The aging isn’t as obvious in a person older than you as it in a person younger. A few years back I taught catechism to five fifth graders. They were sweet and their looks were innocent. This past summer I ran into a mother of one of the kids and asked “How is Anthony?” She pointed behind her and said “Here he comes now.” I was expecting to see the eleven year old cutie pie that sat across the table from me.  He was now taller than me and his face was no longer a little boy’s it was a young man’s. He smiled and waved, I’m sure he saw that I was surprised. I knew time passed but I guess I didn’t realize just how much. I look at my own children who are growing up right in front of my eyes and try to capture who they are today. Because I know tomorrow they are closer to being that child- whom someone else looks at and receives a reality check.  If we could just preserve their youth in some type of time capsule for the moment we long for them to be children again. We could flick a switch and make it happen. I now understand the advice I received when I became a first time mother, “Honey don’t wish away their childhood because when it’s gone you will be wishing for it to return.” Though my children are still young I know they have already grown too quickly. If they are getting older that means I am too.  As a child I never thought life went by half as fast as it does now. If only we had a pause button we could enjoy it longer. But then we would never get the chance to move forward. We would be forever pausing or rewinding but never advancing and what fun would that be?  

I listened to a song the other day and thought -this would be a good song to hear on a bad day. The kind of song that makes you feel like somewhere someone knew how you were feeling and they arranged for this combination of soul touching lyrics and spirit warming melody to be played for you. After concentrating on the words your mood begins to lighten and you find yourself feeling okay. Okay, because you were touched through music and it changed the way you were thinking. So, today I decided to send out a song that someone somewhere might need to hear.  

If life is hard today – wait for it to get better.

Thirteen Things about Maribeth

I’m about to celebrate another birthday. For those of you who don’t know much about us Virgo’s I decided I would dedicate this Thursday Thirteen to Virgo Facts. I consider myself a TRUE Virgo and have yet to meet another Virgo I didn’t like. Please share your sign in the comments section. Give us a trait you consider true to your zodiac.

1…. Virgo’s are very analytical (For me this is completely true. I analyze everything. I am the type that will say something, go home and think about what I said and analyze it for hours. I wonder if it was interpreted the way I meant it to be or taken the wrong way. I dissect everything -I probably could have been a good detective.

2…Virgo’s can be fussy and considered worriers. Yes, Yes, Yes, I am a worrier. I think it plays directly with being analytical. Because I analyze everything I worry about the things I am analyzing. “Don’t worry about it Mar,” has been said to me many times

3…Virgo’s are known to be organized- I always liked to think of myself as organized in an unorganized way. But I find the older I get the more organization I need. I’m even starting to worry that I think about organizing too much. 🙂
4…Virgo’s are patient- I absolutely am, I definitely have uttered “Patience is a virtue,” lots of times. After all if we are inpatient the only thing it gets us is a bad mood.

5…Problem Solvers…Virgo’s are known to stay calm and rational when trouble arises. We tend to think about the solution rather than getting all dramatic. I am not a drama queen (maybe once a month at a certain unpleasant time-other than that no)

6…Virgo’s are earth elements. I am very earthy, I like nature especially trees and clouds and can appreciate the beauty they bring into our lives

7…Virgo’s are good at giving advice-I think I would have to ask someone who received advice from me to answer this one. But I would like to think do give good advice. I try to be objective when giving advice

8…Virgo’s are perfectionists-Me again. I have to be the best I could possibly be at whatever I try in order for me to be happy with myself.

9…Careers suited to this sign are Doctors(not me)Nurses(if nursing a sick kid counts then yep),Psychologist(not officially but have offered my ear many times),Teacher(I taught catechism),Writer(Hey that’s me) and Critic(Me too, I’m my own worst critic)

10…Famous Virgo’s- (Stephen King-fellow writer love that), Mother Theresa (I’d love to follow in her footsteps), Sophia Loren (Italian-me too, hope to look like her when I reach her age), Mickey Mouse (He never ages-I’d like his secret)

11…Opposite Sign to Virgo is Pisces (This might be why my younger sister and I butt heads occasionally, but I love her anyway)

12…Virgo’s are full of sass (I agree, the sassier the better, it makes the day much more fun)
13…Virgo’s like to serve (I would much rather be doing something for someone than someone doing something for me)

Hope your enjoyed your education on Virgo’s. Don’t forget to let the readers know your sign and a trait you possess known to that sign.

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