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A person never realizes how much time has gone by until they see the child they once knew become an adult. As a child I never looked at anyone and thought has it been that long? Probably, because I was the one people were looking at thinking that. I was the child. Now that I am the adult I find myself coming across this situation more and more. Growing up everyone looks the same to you. You don’t see the aging process happening, it’s pretty much smoke and mirrors. The aging isn’t as obvious in a person older than you as it in a person younger. A few years back I taught catechism to five fifth graders. They were sweet and their looks were innocent. This past summer I ran into a mother of one of the kids and asked “How is Anthony?” She pointed behind her and said “Here he comes now.” I was expecting to see the eleven year old cutie pie that sat across the table from me.  He was now taller than me and his face was no longer a little boy’s it was a young man’s. He smiled and waved, I’m sure he saw that I was surprised. I knew time passed but I guess I didn’t realize just how much. I look at my own children who are growing up right in front of my eyes and try to capture who they are today. Because I know tomorrow they are closer to being that child- whom someone else looks at and receives a reality check.  If we could just preserve their youth in some type of time capsule for the moment we long for them to be children again. We could flick a switch and make it happen. I now understand the advice I received when I became a first time mother, “Honey don’t wish away their childhood because when it’s gone you will be wishing for it to return.” Though my children are still young I know they have already grown too quickly. If they are getting older that means I am too.  As a child I never thought life went by half as fast as it does now. If only we had a pause button we could enjoy it longer. But then we would never get the chance to move forward. We would be forever pausing or rewinding but never advancing and what fun would that be?  

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