Thirteen Things about Maribeth

I started thinking about all of the video games out there the other day and had a flashback to my childhood. When I was younger there was no Nintendo,X-box,Sega,Wii,or whatever else might now be available. There was one game only, and if you were lucky you had it. It was Atari. I loved Atari and thought it was the coolest thing ever thought up. I spent hours in front of my television maneuvering the joystick to conquer whatever I needed to in order to advance to a new level. For this Thursday Thirteen I am choosing to reflect on my favorite Atari Games. I bet some of you still remember yours.

1…. PAC MAN-I loved this little yellow creature and always tried my best to prevent him from becoming the ghosts that looked more like mops. My favorite part was seeing the fruit flashing at the bottom of my screen -They were the ticket to the next level

2….DIG DUG-There was something about digging a path in the dirt that thrilled me. I enjoyed encountering the bad guys, it was fun to pump them up to get rid of them.

3…PIT FALL- The tiny man jumping over puddles was exciting. My favorite was when he would catch a swinging vine and smoothly sail across the obstacle in front of him. I definitely developed a fear of scorpions after watching how quickly they could kill on this game

4…DONKEY KONG-I have always loved King Kong so the idea of a giant gorilla jumping around definitely interested me. I desperately tried to avoid the barrells so Mario could reach his beloved Pauline

5…FROGGER-I frantically hopped my little froggy through traffic while the clock ticked. It was delightful to jump on a log or the back of a turtle and feel like you were one step closer to the top. Unfortunately many frogs met their maker because of me.

6…GALAGA-My fingers throbbed after playing this game. I was good at shooting down the bad guys. My spaceship was a force to be reckoned with. The sound effects made this game all the more addicting

7…PAPER BOY- The fact that I was a paper girl when this game released made it all the more appealing. I think I mostly chose Easy Street for the route my kid on the bike would take. I tried my hardest not to break any windows when I would release the paper but I still remember the crashing sound when I did.

8…CENTIPEDE- I spent hours trying to eliminate the slithering centipede before it reached my spider looking guy. The mushroom filled screen was a bit trippy. I remember seeing this game in Arcade with a roller ball instead of a joystick and I was thrilled

9…KABOOM- I think this was the first game I used the paddle controller for. The mad bomber was furiously dropping bombs and I desperately tried to get my buckets of water under them before they hit the ground. I have to say, I was very good at this one too.

10…SPACE INVADERS-Looking back this game was so generically made but back then I didn’t think so. Rows of aliens marched across the screen. I dodged many bullets while trying to get my laser to destroy the relentless monsters

11…DUCK HUNT-I have to admit I felt a bit guilty playing this one. I wasn’t sure I wanted to shoot a duck down

12…Q*BERT-LOVED THIS GAME! This was one of my top three favorite games. I loved bouncing the crazy orange guy with the protruding nose down the pyramid of colors. I escaped the purple snake many times

13…PONG-If you can remember Pong than you are at least as old as I am or older. I actually remember this being the first game I ever played. My father brought home a little black box that we plugged in to the television kitchen and played pong for hours. As boring as it appears it kept me entertained.

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