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Thank God the tooth fairy knows how to be sly. My daughter lost her tooth while brushing her teeth yesterday morning. Mornings are always very hectic in our house. We rush to try and get two kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door in enough time so they won’t be marked late for homeroom. Because she lost the tooth at such a crazy time, I hurried up and put the extracted tooth into a baggie and placed it on a shelf in the kitchen. The Tooth Fairy has been very kind in the past, handing out lots of money. Knowing I didn’t have much cash on me I advised my daughter that this time she might not get as much as previous times. She seemed to be okay with that and went on her way. Throughout the night I kept reminding myself to slip a buck or two under her pillow once she fell asleep. But last night Mommy was exhausted and retired much earlier than usual, forgetting to put a surprise under the pillow.

As I opened my eyes I was greeted by my husband standing over me. “The Tooth Fairy forgot to leave our daughter something,” he said while shooting his eye daggers at me. I jumped from my bed and ran into my daughter’s room. “Did she forget?” I asked. You could imagine how relieved I was when she said “I didn’t look under my pillow yet, daddy told me to wait.” I had an idea; I thought I would run downstairs and slip some money next to the tooth on the shelf. I would explain that the tooth fairy had to leave her present next to her tooth. But to my shock the tooth was not there. She remembered to put it under her pillow. How was I going to slip money under her pillow while she was resting in front of it? I did the first thing that came to mind. I grabbed five dollars from my son’s bank (I will be sure to replace it at a later date) ran upstairs and gave her the biggest hug. “Happy Halloween I said as I wrapped my arms around her and sneakily slipped the money under her pillow. “Now let’s take a look to see what she left.” Whew-the day was saved, she got her gift and I got the satisfaction of knowing I wasn’t responsible for my child hating the tooth fairy. One day I will tell her that it was her brother’s money she was so happy to get. If he knew his x-box stash was broken into I think there would have been bigger problems for the Tooth Fairy. I had a long talk with the Tooth Fairy and explained that she must get more organized or she will have to have her wings clipped. I hope she listened.

Turn up the music, feel the beat, don’t try to stop yourself just do what comes naturally, Dance! I love to watch people dance. Music produces an electrical current in our bodies which causes our shoulders to raise up and down, our legs to move back and forth and our arms to sway erratically. We groove to the rhythmic sound and allow ourselves to become part of the melody. Our body finds harmony with the beat. Dancing is a beautiful thing, whether you’re good at it or not. It’s a way for children to release their silly’s and adults to get rid of some stress. Even infants who cannot yet walk find themselves swaying their tush back and forth to the music. A dance floor of dancing people is a room of happy people. This past weekend I was at a wedding and I danced my butt off. Well, not actually, but it felt that way the next morning. The dance floor becomes a meet and greet.  Strangers dance up to you so they don’t have to dance alone. Friends encourage each other to enter the middle of a circle and show what they got. And Brides step onto the floor wearing their best accessory, their smile.

Reflecting back on my night I realized there are lots of categories dancers could fall in.  You got your Woo Hoo’s-the circle of older ladies that dance carefree and loud, shouting out joyful expressions with each groove. They can also be the mothers who are high-fiving each other on the dance floor because they finally got a night out. You have your two sets of Bumps and Grinds- The first set is the younger girls who dance together hoping to show off their sexy side. They use their girlfriends in front of them like a pole a stripper would use to dance. The more their girlfriends cheer them on they sexier they dance. The second set of Bumps and Grinds are the couple that uses dancing as a way to ravish each other, without actually ravishing each other. There are the Elegants- the couple who would never touch each other inappropriately on the dance floor. Their moves are in sync and their eyes stay lovingly fixated on each other. Every move appears to be choreographed and you can bet they have taken some type of ballroom dance class. There are the Awkwards- Their moves are a bit more forced and they lack the ability to really let go and get lost in the music. It is obvious they are concentrating more on how others perceive them than they are on dancing. A dance floor wouldn’t be a dance floor without the Circle About’s-these are the dancers that use every inch of the floor. They circle in and out, maneuvering their way around, oblivious to the other dancers. They are fun to watch and make the people sitting down want to at least give dancing a shot. I love to watch all of these dancers because for a small moment in time I get to witness people enjoying life. Rejoicing and using the flexibility our bodies provide. But this moment can also be bittersweet. While so many of us are laughing, dancing, and using our bodies, their are other people watching, wishing, and remembering how it felt to dance. At some point our bodies will fail us and we will no longer be able to race up to the dance floor and let it all out. We will be forced to watch from afar. On that day we will want to remember that we danced while we could. So, no matter what type of dancer you are embrace it. For there will be a day that we no longer dance but knowing we did will make that day a bit easier.

Thirteen Things about Maribeth

Halloween is quickly approaching and all of the ghosts and goblins are preparing for their favorite night. This week I thought it would be appropriate to write a Thursday thirteen about superstitions. I’m not an overly superstitious person but I have definitely thrown salt over my left shoulder because I accidentally spilled it. I got a lot of great facts at and

Have fun; are any of yours on this list?

1…Spilling Salt- Salt was know for its medicinal purposes in the old days. If you weren’t able to have it administered the next best thing would be to throw it over you left shoulder. It has been said that evil spirits lurk over our left shoulder waiting to create havoc. By throwing it over your left shoulder you are throwing it in to the eye of the evil spirit to ward it off.

2… Walking under a ladder- A leaning ladder creates a triangle with the wall and ground. It is said the triangle represents the holy trinity and it is bad luck to violate or break that which is what you do by walking under it. I’ve read that if you cross your fingers while walking under you cancel out the bad luck

3…A black cat crossing your path- It was once believed that black cats were demons and for them to cross your path meant they were putting up a barrier of evil. Once a girl I knew said she would always do a U-turn if that happened in order to reverse the bad luck. And another friend said she heard that a black cat crossing in front of you just indicates that your life is about to go onto a different track.

4…Breaking a mirror —Seven years of bad luck is said to be had if you break a mirror. Some reports state that you can prevent this bad luck from happening if you bury the pieces under the moonlight-I don’t think I would go that far but I would probably say a little prayer asking that I am blessed.

5…Stumbling-If a person stumbles prior to making a journey once or more times it is said to postpone it. Hmm, this one will definitely keep me on my toes

6…Knocking on wood- It has been said that good spirits live in trees and by knocking on anything wood we are calling upon them to assist us

7… If a single woman sleeps with a piece of wedding cake under her pillow she will dream of her future husband. I have a lot of single friends and a wedding coming up I just might have to tell them to give this one a shot.

8… A wish will come true if you make it while burning onions. Next time I’m cooking with onions I will be sure to make a wish

9…Pencil- If you use the same pencil for taking a test that you used for studying it the pencil will remember the answers. Sounds good enough to pass along- Hey when taking a test I would try anything

10…Crickets-A cricket in the house is a sign of good luck

11…Foot Itch- If the bottom of your right foot itches you may find yourself taking a trip

12…Birthday Cake- If all the candles are blown out with one breath while you make a silent wish it will come true. From this point on I am requesting that only one candle be placed on my cake

13…Never take a broom along when you move. Throw it out and get a new one. This one sounds interesting. I guess whatever you swept away (figuratively speaking)with it in the previous living space could still linger on the bristles and be taken with you to your new place

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In the last two days I have been reflecting. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and peeking in at myself from an outsider’s point of view. I have had a few good laughs at my own expense. I saw myself dancing around a circle, with toddlers and their mothers, banging a tambourine while having no clue my zipper was down. I watched as I  approached  parents of my children’s friends, embarrassed by the white dish detergent splashed against my thighs and knees. It wasn’t until the other day in the dollar store that I realized I have a problem. I am oblivious to the obvious and only become aware when it’s too late to correct the way I look. We took a family trip to the dollar store to purchase some Halloween decorations and see if there were any items that would help perfect the kids’ costumes. Standing in the hair accessory aisle I was beginning to become frazzled. My two year old was begging to be taken out of the cart while my six years old was pleading for ten different toys he had piled into the cart. I attempted to have two separate conversations at the same time. “Sweetie, you cannot get out of the cart until Daddy gets back. And for you little man I said only five things.” I turned to see if my husband was coming and I saw a woman staring at me. At first I just thought we caught each other’s eye at the exact moment and she wasn’t actually staring it just seemed that way. But then I saw her go to say something then stopped. Now I was curious and my facial expressions showed it. She put her hand to her mouth. I could tell she was uncomfortable and a bit apprehensive. “Do you know your sweater is on inside out?” she asked. 

I’m worried, because I think I’m passing along my unawareness to my children. My kids have played for hours with shoes on the wrong feet before I realized they put them on the wrong feet. My two oldest are at the point that they want to do everything by themselves. No help from mommy is needed or wanted. My son got his first taste in how it feels to be me. Sunday mornings are always hectic. We wake up early for church, usually twenty minutes before we are supposed to be there. We have learned to get ready quickly. I wake up get myself dressed, run a comb through my hair, and throw on a pair of shoes. I wake up both of my daughters and get them presentable as speedily as possible while my husband helps my son get dressed. This past week we were running very late, so there wasn’t time for a fast check over before running out the door. It wasn’t until after mass at breakfast that I noticed my son’s pants. He was standing in front of me leaning on the counter. I looked at his little tush in his brand new pants and knew something looked amiss. There were no pockets and I was sure they had them in the back. I gasped when I realized it was because they were on backwards. The zipper was outlining his cheeks and the button poked into his back. I tried to tell him through tears and laughter that he accidentally put his pants on wrong. He could care a less and thought it was funny. Watching him laugh at himself made me proud. Yes, maybe I unintentionally passed along an unfortunate trait but I also passed along something else. A sense of humor is a wonderful thing to have. When you possess the ability to laugh at yourself you come to the realization that life is much funnier than a lot of people believe it to be. And sometimes your shortcomings provide the best comedic relief.       

“Mar, are you serious?” The sound of my husband’s voice once again woke me from my dream like state. Our two years-old was in the middle of us. She has been sleeping with us because she has a tendency to fall off her toddler bed onto the hardwood floor. Despite the fact there are railings on each side of the bed which are supposed to help prevent that.  

After hearing the disgust in his voice or should I say disbelief, I opened my eyes and saw my cupped hand raised to my daughter’s mouth. What was I doing? Handing her a cup of invisible juice. Apparently she awoke from her own deep sleep and loudly started requesting juice. In my comatose stupor I actually believed that tricking her into thinking I was giving her juice would work. What my husband saw was my daughter swatting at my cupped empty hand. Crying because I was not giving her what she so badly wanted. I mustered up the energy to pull myself up and out of the bed and trekked downstairs to get her a glass of juice.  This morning when she woke, my husband greeted her with an empty cupped hand and asked if she was thirsty. He thought she could go for a nice glass of… invisible juice. It was one of those moments in life that I will never escape. When my son asked my husband if they needed money for their pumpkin patch field trip my husband responded, “Nah, I’m sure mommy will pack us some invisible money.”

Thirteen Things about MaribethHalloween is approaching and I have costumes on the brain. I have always loved to think of costume idea’s, I usually start thinking the day after Halloween what the next years will be. I came from a family of seven and Halloweens most consisted of Hand-Me-Downs or homemade costumes. The homemade ones were always my favorite and my parents did a great job at creating interesting get-ups. Tonight I am writing thirteen costumes I could remember wearing.

1…Gypsy-Loved,Loved,Loved this costume (so much that my daughter is being a gypsy/fortune teller this year) My mother wrapped a scarf around my head, dressed me, in a long black printed skirt, wrapped a shawl around my shoulders and gave me a black mask that only covered my eyes. It was my all time favorite.

2…Wizard-Yes I know, I’m a girl but still I made a great Merlin. I think this was a purchased costume. But it was way before Harry Potter existed. Thought the beard was cool.

3…Old Woman-I wore an old dress of my mother’s with a babushka wrapped around my head and some grandma looking loafers. My younger sister was the Old Man. We definitely made a funny pair.

4…Bunny-I remember this costume Hung in a closet in my brother’s room. It was one piece and very comfortable. I used to play dress up with the bunny costume long after Halloween was over.

5…Geisha Girl-My father went to Korea on a business trip and brought us home Kimono’s. I tied my hair up with chopsticks and painted my face white. I’m not even sure if a traditional Geisha wears a white face, I think I just look for reasons to paint my face on Halloween

6…Country Bumpkin-Seniors were able to dress up on Halloween day in my High-School. A friend and I wore straw hats, flannels, boys’ jeans and painted freckles on our face with black eyeliner. Easy costume to put together but definitely sweet and cute.

7…Dorothy-It took me forever to get the shoes right. I carried a stuffed doggie in a basket-I rented this costume.

8…Clown. The classic clown suit with the rainbow colored hair and striped one piece suit. I always love to paint my face for Halloween so this was definitely up my alley

9…Fifty’s Chic-A girlfriend and I wore lettermen jackets and our hair in ponytails. We had one of our guy friends dress in a t-shirt, leather jacket and slicked back hair. We were cool :0

10…Joker-I borrowed this costume from my sister-in-law, I had the jester hat, big shoes and a painted on grin that couldn’t go unnoticed.

11…Skeleton-My sister is very artistic which has come in helpful when looking for a face or a costume to be painted. She took a black sweat suit and painted the bones on it. Head to toe, front to back. I had her paint my face to match and I was set to go.

12…Seventy’s Chic-My husband and I went as a couple from the Seventies. I wore bell bottoms, a really high fur hat, wedged heals and lots of psychedelic make-up. We rocked! :0

13…Hobo-Okay; I’m starting to ask myself why I didn’t dress in more girly like costumes. This was an easy one, I found an old beat up coat, fingerless gloves, a hat with earflaps. a brown bag(for my pretend alcohol)and I painted on a five o’clock shadow and some red cheeks to complete the look.
13…Okay I’m adding a second thirteen because this was the best costume my parents ever came up with and I think it should be mentioned.The costume was made for my younger sister. My father took an old box from a T.V. painted it white and drew black dots on it. She was the cutest dice ever. To complete the look she wore a black beret, black sweatpants and black gloves. Clever,Clever,Clever

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     This time of year makes me look back to when I found Miranda. Miranda was an ugly looking broad hanging out on a bale of hay next to a cash register. Her posture was tilted, hair was frizzy and she had dried glue stuck to her back. I fell in love with her anyway. It was because of her that I found myself.

     I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. There were lots of occupations I thought I would be good at but none that I felt I was meant to be. As a young girl I thought I would like to teach the deaf after reading about Helen Keller in grade school. I took a sign language class after high-school. For a presentation speech I taught the class how to sing I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS IN SIGN LANGUAGE. I enjoyed it but still I felt there was something else and this wasn’t it.

I went to college and majored in Computer Information Systems but I knew it was only because I thought it would be a high paying field. I worked for an insurance company and daydreamed about moving up the corporate ladder, but still, I knew it wasn’t for me. So, for a long time I walked around in a fog, searching for what it was I was meant to be. There was a nagging feeling inside my soul-I knew there was something. But what it was I didn’t know. I wondered how anyone ever really knew and what happened in their life to make them understand. I questioned whether I would ever find my calling. I married and had children and thought motherhood might be it. Maybe, I was simply just meant to be a mother. Still, the feeling wouldn’t subside. My eyes were opened the day I found Miranda.  I saw the light in the strangest of places because I looked at it right. (I always loved that similar lyric by the Grateful Dead)

     It was Autumn, my favorite season and I was going to buy some Mums, Pumpkins and a few decorations for the house. I gathered my purchases and headed to the cash register. As I was waiting for the woman to ring me up, I looked down and saw this very ugly witch with an eerie smile leaning against a pumpkin. Immediately I was drawn to her, she looked like I felt. On my bad days, I certainly can be a witch and if I could fly off on a broomstick I probably would. “How much for her?” I asked holding the witch up to the sales lady.  “You mean our Miranda?” Initially I had no idea who she was calling Miranda and thought maybe she was a bit loony. Sure enough she was talking about the witch. Apparently the workers fell in love with her too, despite the fact she wasn’t easy on the eyes and the stick she was glued to was broken off. “She’s broke, she replied. I didn’t care, if she was ugly, broke or missing an eye I just knew I wanted her.  

     After promising to take care of Miranda, I left and went across the street to the grocery store. While walking past the produce section it hit me. The first story I knew I had to write. It was about a little girl named …Miranda. By the time I left the grocery store, I had a beginning, middle and an end. Excitement flooded through me and I knew this was it. I was meant to… write. I went home, wrote my first draft, and found I wanted more. I finally understood what passion was. I always had it but never recognized it. I searched for many years hoping to find my essence, waiting for it to magically appear. And magically appear it did, thanks to Miranda. She inspired me. Because of the ugly witch I found beauty –From the moment I saw her I had a hunch she was meant to be in my life. For so many years I searched for the job that would pay well and thought that would bring me happiness. In the end I found something that I will continue to do even if I never receive a dime for doing it. If I judged Miranda on her appearance I might still be lost.

Thirteen Things about Maribeth
I love when I read something and it changes the way I think. Or at least opens my eyes to a different way of thinking thus transforming my own thoughts. I think more people should try to discover who they are. I am not a surface thinker. I like to delve deep inside of myself and try to analyze what makes me…me. Every once in a while I stumble upon a written word that helps me see the truth. This Thursday I am writing Thirteen Proverbs that made me think or changed the way I already had. They are from 13 different Origins. Hope You Enjoy!

1…. Be Not Afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still (Chinese proverb) We waste so much time thinking of what it is we want to do instead of actually doing it-I’m guilty of this.

2…Behind Every Great Man there Stands a woman-American Proverb. I think it takes a woman to make a man see what they normally wouldn’t bother looking at. Sorry, just my opinion, I know I am a girl-but it is a fact men don’t think the way women do-so sometimes we need to open their eyes.

3…Some wish to have a beard, and the ones that do are spitting on it-Greek Proverb-the young wish to be old and the old wish to be young again. So true, I clearly remember fantasizing how great life would be once I became an adult. Now that I am adult I think back to how much fun it was not to be one

4…God Helps Those Who Help Themselves-Italian Proverb-We were all blessed with something and it is up to us to take that blessing and make it something. When we make the effort things start to fall into place-But God is not just going to wave a magic stick and take us to the head of the class if we never had a problem with sitting in the last row.

5…Praise The Youth and They will Come-Irish Proverb-Young people learn more from compliments than criticism. I believe this to be true-I remember the people that positively influenced me the most as a young girl were the one’s that believed in my potential. With my own children I know that they are more eager to learn or do something when I tell them I believe they can.

6…A paragraph should be like a ladies skirt, long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to keep it interesting-English Proverb-I love this one for many reasons, the first is the writer in me gets this literally. The woman in me understands that you needn’t show too much to raise a few eyebrows and when you show too much you don’t need to say a thing.

7…Do Not Judge Your Neighbor Until You Walk Two Moons in His Moccasins-Native American (Cheyenne) a person who judges is just trying to quiet their own shortcomings. Unless we live the same exact life as someone else we cannot predict what we would do if we were them.

8…Not Everything That Glimmers is Gold-Mexican Proverb-It’s easy to be deceived by someone’s or something’s appearance. Because they look put together or it’s a great looking piece of whatever doesn’t mean it will be better than the less attractive alternative

9…The Earth is a Beehive-We all enter by the same door but live in different cells. You are what you were taught to be and somewhere along the way you discover who you want to be

10…Blood is Thicker Than Water-Romanian Proverb- I could say whatever I want about anyone in my family, but the minute you agree I become upset. Funny isn’t it?

11…The Baker Shouldn’t Comment On His Dough-Hebraic Proverb-It’s okay to believe in yourself but when you become too confident you cross the line and appear arrogant

12…If you love your cow, tie it up: If you love your child punish him/her-Growing up I always had the strict parents and wished I could have the easy going parents. Now that I’m all grown up and a parent I am thankful for their rules and realize now that they were all set out of love.

13…It’s good to be out(and about)but home is best. Danish Proverb-t the end of the day we all just want to get into our comfy clothes and retreat to our castles. My castle may not be as big as some but it is mine to admire.


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“Pathetic,” the sound of my husband’s voice uttering this word woke me from a deep sleep. “What?” I mumbled back. He could not believe that he heard the alarm clock music blaring from my daughter’s room down the hall and around the corner and I didn’t. At some point during the night he was asked to go sleep in her room (probably because of a nightmare). It’s he who sets the alarm clock, so in situations like this morning he expects me to wake him once it goes off. I do not think this is too much to ask and I would if I heard it the way he heard it. You see, I have a problem. The music of the alarm clock becomes part of my dreams. I have danced many times to the music that was supposed to be waking me up. There is always a situation in my dream happening at the exact moment the alarm clock goes off. For example, I’m at a party talking to some friends, in the midst of our conversation music gets turned on (actually the alarm clock) a friend smiles and says “Let’s Dance.” We be-bop through my dream laughing, grooving and spinning about through random rooms in a house I have never been in. I have also slowed dance with a handsome man (sometimes my husband, sometimes not-Hey I can’t help what I dream can I?). It’s not just the music that makes its way into my dreams it’s the news as well. Last week a male reporter was talking about how a horse in New York City got spooked and ran into a tree and died. The information being told became part of my dream and it haunted me for hours after I woke up. I dreamt of the crash. I’m no psychic and I’m sure the crash I saw in my dream was not the actual scene of the horse’s demise but it still felt very real. Years ago we lived in a small apartment on a busy street. Our walls were thin and there wasn’t much that couldn’t be heard. You would think I would have heard a fire truck’s siren going off across the street. I didn’t. I woke up the next morning went out on my back porch and started talking to the neighbor. It was then that I was told of the fire across the street and how the trucks were there for most of the night extinguishing the flames. What was scarier was my husband slept through it too. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had a dream that night of myself wearing suspenders and big boots standing on a ladder with a hose in my hand. Dreaming to me is like a drug; once I start I don’t want to stop, unless of course it’s a nightmare. I think dreaming is similar to what heaven or hell will be. We are moving about through worlds, dealing with situations, dancing like fools and having conversations with others. But it’s all done on a spiritual level. I like to think if we can live in our dreams than we must exist after death. And thinking like this makes the idea of death a little bit easier to swallow.

Thirteen Things about Maribeth

This week my mother celebrated her birthday. Everyone loves their mother’s cooking (I think). My mother is top notch when it comes to cooking and baking. For this Thursday Thirteen I have decided to list thirteen of my favorite dishes I love- compliments of my mother. I have learned to cook from her and hope one day my children will be just as excited by my cooking as I have been by hers. Bon Appetit!

1…. Meat Loaf, mashed potatoes and butter beans. She has a knack for Meatloaf – I love the ends the best, but we always had to leave them for my father. Once in a while I would sneak one.

2…Risotto- This is an Italian dish, It’s rice in a spaghetti sauce. Very delicious and goes great with her homemade meatballs. Yum

3…Oyster Stuffing-A Thanksgiving tradition in our household. I wait all year long to stuff myself with oysters-It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without this dish

4…Fresh Brewed Iced Tea-Since I was a little girl my mother has been making this, she used to make it in summer’s only but now it’s an everyday thing. She brews the tea bags on the stove and then makes a pitcher of sugar iced tea and a pitcher of unsweetened(my favorite, she knows exactly how much lemon juice to add to make it perfect)

5… Potato Salad-Summer cookouts are especially nice when mom’s potato salad is part of the smorgasbord.

6…Stew and Dumplings-The best stew ever, she drops bisquick dumplings on top of the stew which make this stick to your rib’s dinner the best on a cold winter’s night

7…Chili- Not everyone can make the perfect chili but my mother can (I learned from her so I have to say I make a mean chili too) Perfect with buttered bread and parmesan cheese. You can’t just eat one bowl

8…Rice Pudding-She makes the best rice pudding ever. The consistency is always perfect and it is especially good when still a little warm

9…Pies galore-Every pie she makes is to die for, Apple, Coconut Custard, Pumpkin, she makes a great Apple Dumpling too. I don’t know if I will ever inherit her knack for pie crust. As long as we are talking about baking-I better mention how much I love her bread pudding.

10…Pasties- I am a crust girl, anything with crust I love, so Pasties is definitely one of my favorites. She makes the traditional meat along with broccoli and cheese which are definitely my favorite.

11…Dough Ball Soup-I guess by now it is obvious I love dough (I’m Italian what can I say) this is not the correct name of the soup but it is what our family calls it. It is a tomato based soup filled with yummy dough balls. Again, you wouldn’t be able to eat just one bowl of this

12…Chicken Divan- I think this might be my FAVORITE- Broccoli, Cheese, Chicken and Bread Crumbs, scoop this dish over white rice and add lots of pepper, it is amazing.

13…Ravioli- Hands down the best cheese and meat ravioli ever. Another tradition we have, Christmas time is ravioli making time. I feel sorry for all of the people that never will get to taste one of my mother’s ravioli’s. They cannot be duplicated.


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