Everyone has something that unwinds them. It can be anything from meditation, to doing a crossword puzzle or simply lounging. Writing is how I unwind. Up until tonight, I don’t think I ever paid much attention to the effect it has on my body. Writing is what soothes me. Shortly after I begin tapping away at the keys, I can feel my muscles begin settling back to their appropriate spots.  My mind is meditating and searching for creativity. When the right words are strung together properly a melody is composed. It’s the same thing as a musician hearing the tune he’s been waiting to hear and then singing along. A writer’s words are their music.  When a sentence conveys what we wanted and exactly how we intended our hearts sing a little song. The Writer’s music is loud at times, too many words are begging to be heard and it’s hard to figure out which ones sound the best. So we fine tune our minds and tinker with our perception until we get it right.  Humming the tune of the sentence we know is somewhere to be found.  And when all the chosen words merge together befittingly a writer’s spirit sways to the tune of their rhapsody.