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Thirteen Things about Maribeth
I love when I read something and it changes the way I think. Or at least opens my eyes to a different way of thinking thus transforming my own thoughts. I think more people should try to discover who they are. I am not a surface thinker. I like to delve deep inside of myself and try to analyze what makes me…me. Every once in a while I stumble upon a written word that helps me see the truth. This Thursday I am writing Thirteen Proverbs that made me think or changed the way I already had. They are from 13 different Origins. Hope You Enjoy!

1…. Be Not Afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still (Chinese proverb) We waste so much time thinking of what it is we want to do instead of actually doing it-I’m guilty of this.

2…Behind Every Great Man there Stands a woman-American Proverb. I think it takes a woman to make a man see what they normally wouldn’t bother looking at. Sorry, just my opinion, I know I am a girl-but it is a fact men don’t think the way women do-so sometimes we need to open their eyes.

3…Some wish to have a beard, and the ones that do are spitting on it-Greek Proverb-the young wish to be old and the old wish to be young again. So true, I clearly remember fantasizing how great life would be once I became an adult. Now that I am adult I think back to how much fun it was not to be one

4…God Helps Those Who Help Themselves-Italian Proverb-We were all blessed with something and it is up to us to take that blessing and make it something. When we make the effort things start to fall into place-But God is not just going to wave a magic stick and take us to the head of the class if we never had a problem with sitting in the last row.

5…Praise The Youth and They will Come-Irish Proverb-Young people learn more from compliments than criticism. I believe this to be true-I remember the people that positively influenced me the most as a young girl were the one’s that believed in my potential. With my own children I know that they are more eager to learn or do something when I tell them I believe they can.

6…A paragraph should be like a ladies skirt, long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to keep it interesting-English Proverb-I love this one for many reasons, the first is the writer in me gets this literally. The woman in me understands that you needn’t show too much to raise a few eyebrows and when you show too much you don’t need to say a thing.

7…Do Not Judge Your Neighbor Until You Walk Two Moons in His Moccasins-Native American (Cheyenne) a person who judges is just trying to quiet their own shortcomings. Unless we live the same exact life as someone else we cannot predict what we would do if we were them.

8…Not Everything That Glimmers is Gold-Mexican Proverb-It’s easy to be deceived by someone’s or something’s appearance. Because they look put together or it’s a great looking piece of whatever doesn’t mean it will be better than the less attractive alternative

9…The Earth is a Beehive-We all enter by the same door but live in different cells. You are what you were taught to be and somewhere along the way you discover who you want to be

10…Blood is Thicker Than Water-Romanian Proverb- I could say whatever I want about anyone in my family, but the minute you agree I become upset. Funny isn’t it?

11…The Baker Shouldn’t Comment On His Dough-Hebraic Proverb-It’s okay to believe in yourself but when you become too confident you cross the line and appear arrogant

12…If you love your cow, tie it up: If you love your child punish him/her-Growing up I always had the strict parents and wished I could have the easy going parents. Now that I’m all grown up and a parent I am thankful for their rules and realize now that they were all set out of love.

13…It’s good to be out(and about)but home is best. Danish Proverb-t the end of the day we all just want to get into our comfy clothes and retreat to our castles. My castle may not be as big as some but it is mine to admire.


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