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Thank God the tooth fairy knows how to be sly. My daughter lost her tooth while brushing her teeth yesterday morning. Mornings are always very hectic in our house. We rush to try and get two kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door in enough time so they won’t be marked late for homeroom. Because she lost the tooth at such a crazy time, I hurried up and put the extracted tooth into a baggie and placed it on a shelf in the kitchen. The Tooth Fairy has been very kind in the past, handing out lots of money. Knowing I didn’t have much cash on me I advised my daughter that this time she might not get as much as previous times. She seemed to be okay with that and went on her way. Throughout the night I kept reminding myself to slip a buck or two under her pillow once she fell asleep. But last night Mommy was exhausted and retired much earlier than usual, forgetting to put a surprise under the pillow.

As I opened my eyes I was greeted by my husband standing over me. “The Tooth Fairy forgot to leave our daughter something,” he said while shooting his eye daggers at me. I jumped from my bed and ran into my daughter’s room. “Did she forget?” I asked. You could imagine how relieved I was when she said “I didn’t look under my pillow yet, daddy told me to wait.” I had an idea; I thought I would run downstairs and slip some money next to the tooth on the shelf. I would explain that the tooth fairy had to leave her present next to her tooth. But to my shock the tooth was not there. She remembered to put it under her pillow. How was I going to slip money under her pillow while she was resting in front of it? I did the first thing that came to mind. I grabbed five dollars from my son’s bank (I will be sure to replace it at a later date) ran upstairs and gave her the biggest hug. “Happy Halloween I said as I wrapped my arms around her and sneakily slipped the money under her pillow. “Now let’s take a look to see what she left.” Whew-the day was saved, she got her gift and I got the satisfaction of knowing I wasn’t responsible for my child hating the tooth fairy. One day I will tell her that it was her brother’s money she was so happy to get. If he knew his x-box stash was broken into I think there would have been bigger problems for the Tooth Fairy. I had a long talk with the Tooth Fairy and explained that she must get more organized or she will have to have her wings clipped. I hope she listened.

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