Thirteen Things about MARIBETH

When I was a little girl I thought when I grew up I would teach the deaf. There was something about the way they communicated with their hands rather than words that intrigued me. Watching their hands move and converse is beautiful in its’ very own way. I did take a sign-language class but I never ended up teaching the deaf. But still I sympathize with them because I know how much I love sound and it’s sad to think they don’t hear what I hear. For this Thursday Thirteen I have decided to write thirteen sounds I love.

1…TRAIN WHISTLE- Flashback to childhood, Our hangout was a train bridge or railroad tracks. We spent many days talking about life and where we thought it would take us. I can still remember many of those conversations. I also have always loved the movie The Outsiders. In the movie Pony Boy Curtis is a writer. In the beginning and the end of the movie they show him sitting at his desk writing about what he went through. There is a train’s whistle blowing in the background which always made me feel sad for some reason. I chose this sound because to me it is nostalgic. It brings back memories from a long time ago.

2…CHILDREN’S LAUGHTER- Hearing a child or a group of children laughing is heavenly, sometimes even contagious. I love a happy child, hearing them laugh reminds you how precious life can be.

3…THE DRIPPING OF A COFFEE MACHINE- This sound to me is morning. With each morning starts a brand new day, you get to start all over again. We are given a chance to make better choices than we did the day before.

4…MY HUSBAND’S AND MY CHILDREN’S VOICE- Sure, there are times when I want to run and only hear my own thoughts rather than a tribe of Indians. But the fact is I can’t imagine not hearing their voices. They are music to my soul.

5…BELL INDICATING A NEW E-MAIL- Immediately I hope it’s from someone that I know rather than spam. When you click on and see a message from your friend it’s hard not to get excited. A personal message especially. Sometimes all those forward e-mails are disappointing. But I have to be honest I do forward on e-mails all at once to friends. So they may not get any from me for a few days and then get six all at once.

6…MAIL TRUCK- I love to hear the mail truck pull up. The thought of new possibilities being placed inside your mailbox is exciting, especially for writers.

7…CHURCH BELLS- The ringing of church bells is very comforting to me. It reminds me of faith and goodness. Christmas time wouldn’t be the same without the ringing of church bells.

8…A BABY’S COO- Means they are content, at least for the time being. A baby resting in her mother’s arm making soft noises is like watching an angel.

9…GUITAR- I have always loved the guitar. I prefer acoustic over electric because of the earthy sounds it produces. My oldest daughter takes guitar lessons. Hearing the guitar in my house means she is practicing and that makes me proud.

10…MY PARENTS VOICES- Means they are still in my life.

11…BIRDS CHIRPING-(ESPECIALLY THE COO OF THE DOVE) – Birds chirping are like a breath of fresh air. It’s almost like they are singing a song thanking God for another day.

12…MARCHING BAND- Fun and uplifting. Makes you want to be able to jump up out of your seat and go join them.

13…A CHILDREN’S CHOIR- There is nothing as touching as a group of children singing together. Th

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