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Thirteen Things about Maribeth

This past weekend I watched the Wizard of Oz with my children. We have not watched it in a very long time so it felt like it did when I was a little girl. Back in the day, you would have to wait a whole year to see Dorothy and her friends dance across your screen. Now, you can buy the DVD and watch it whenever the mood strikes. I was thrilled that we watched it on television not DVD but I must admit I did DVR it in case the mood strikes again. This week I have decided to list 13 of my favorite scenes from the Wizard of Oz.

1…The tornado-I loved watching the people pass by in the sky. The old woman on the rocking chair knitting, oblivious to the fact that she has been swept up in a tornado. However, the best part is when the scary music plays and all of the sudden you see… the wicked old neighbor peddle on by only to turn into a witch seconds later.

2…The Munchkins – I remember as a little girl wanting to go to Munchkin Land. The small people appeared to be so friendly. I remember thinking they were all children who just looked a bit older. My favorite was the Lollipop Kids. I also loved the coroner.

3…The Ruby Red Slippers- The very beginning of my shoe fetish. Girls love their shoes and I find it appropriate to have made the shoes the ticket to get back home. Make sense to me- Shoes are definitely magical in my book.

4…Glenda the good witch- She was like a breath of fresh air, a beautiful vision. Her dress was gorgeous and her crown made a loud statement. The way she elegantly moved her wand made me believe that maybe one day I could create magic too. I do have to admit, watching it the other night I thought she was actually a lot older looking than I remember.

5…The Yellow Brick Road- Follow The Yellow Brick Road… Follow The Yellow Brick Road… Follow. Follow, Follow the Yellow Brick Road-lalalalalala –I’m still humming this tune days later. As a child I was mesmerized by this bright road-I could not wait to follow her on her journey.

6…Realizing the Scarecrow was alive- I loved watching the scarecrow get down and try to walk. I felt so bad for him. Listening to him sing “If I only had a brain” made me want to cry for him.

7…The Oiling of the Tin Man- For some reason watching Dorothy oil the tin man was so cool.

8…The Angry Apple Trees- Ooh they scared me something fierce. There was an urban legend that someone actually died on the set of the Wizard of Oz and it happened right after the Apple Tree incident.

9…The Lion-Put your dukes up- I loved lions ever since.

10…”I’m Melting”, I loved when Dorothy spilled the water on the witch and she began to melt. I cheered every time

11…The Poppy Fields- I loved the visual of the poppy fields. It symbolized peace and serenity, until they became deadly.

12…The Horse of a Different Color- As a little girl I could not grasp how they got a horse to change colors. It remains my favorite scene- I was dozing off the other night while watching this and woke up to watch the horse change colors

13…Last but not least – “Over the Rainbow” Such a poignant song-It’s one of those songs that the melody alone could bring tears to your eyes. It is inspirational, sad, and happy at the same time.

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