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Thirteen Things about MARIBETH
Happy Thanksgiving

I have stated before that I am a chocoholic. I loooooooove chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and occasionally white chocolate. This Thursday I have decided to list 13 foods that taste great covered in chocolate.

1…Chocolate covered nuts-Yum, my favorite- love them all, cashews and hazelnuts are especially good dipped in chocolate

2…Raisins. A movie must-raisinettes

3…Chocolate covered Crackers- Awesome! The Candy Kitchen Shops at the beach sell these delicious treats

4…Strawberries- A favorite treat of mine is chocolate covered strawberries with a glass of red wine.

5…Potato Chips- The first time I saw these I thought, “how disgusting”, but then I tried one. There is something about the combination of salt and chocolate that make them addicting. Probably the only time I would be tempted to eat a whole back of chips would be if they were chocolate covered.

6…Oreo Cookies-Great for parties and easy to make-dip oreos in melted chocolate and voila you have a yummy dessert

7…Ritz Cracker with Peanut Butter-Another great treat to bring to a party. Spread Peanut butter atop a Ritz cracker cover with another and dip in chocolate. If you love chocolate and peanut butter together these are for you.

8…Pretzels-Who doesn’t like chocolate covered pretzels? This also makes a great addition to a gift. Dip Pretzel rods in chocolate, roll in sprinkles, put in a crinkled plastic bag and use a ribbon to tie shut. Looks very creative but doesn’t take too much time.

9…Apples-I love the gourmet chocolate covered apples. My favorites are the ones that are covered in chocolate and peanuts, so fattening but worth the calories.

10…Coconut-Mmm Mmm Mmm-Emeril has a great recipe for chocolate covered coconut balls. They are fairly easy to make and taste just like almond joys.

11…Toffee-Score Bars and Heath bars are two of my favorite candy bars.

12…Cherries- I didn’t like these so much at a younger age but I think they have grown on me.

13…Popcorn-The best! Again, it is something about the salt and chocolate that makes this so tasteful.

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