I stopped by the Writer Mama’s Blog today. She wrote a list of  self-care steps she set for 2008. She thought it would be fun to make it a meme. I agree, I have really come to like meme’s. The funny thing about meme’s are that, the person doing them are forced to look within theirselves and discover who it is they are. Or, in this case, who they aspire to be. 

Below is my list. If you would like to see the Writer Mama’s, stop by her site and check out her ten.

My 2008 self-care goals 

1. Listen to more music

2. Read more books (music and reading relax me, therefore has to be good for my health)

3. Incorporate more fruit into my day

4.  Do yoga more frequently

5. Get to bed earlier

6. Take more walks

7. Find more things that make me laugh 

8. De-junk my mind by journaling more often 

9. Put my feet up

10. Eat more protein and less carbohydrates

Below has been taken from the Writer Mama’s meme. Feel free to participate, it will help you find who you are looking to become:)

Okay, your turn! What’s your self-care plan for the New Year? I’m not going to pick anyone specific because I know most moms need to be asked about this.