Thirteen Things about Maribeth

My oldest daughter has been asking me to take her to New York City. I am fascinated with her fascination, being she is only seven years old. I have been to New York several times and enjoyed it every time. My most memorable trip to the Big Apple was four years ago. My girlfriends surprised me for my 30th with a trip to the city. This week I have decided my thirteen will consist of places I visited or things I did while in NYC.

1…Visited Time Square-The Excitement surrounding Time Square is very contagious. I love the hustle and bustle of it

2…Ate at Carmines-Probably one of the best dinners I ever had. If you are planning a trip to New York, I highly recommend a trip to Carmines. Be sure to call for reservations.

3…Rode in a Cab-It wouldn’t be a trip to the city without a ride in a cab. I even convinced the cab driver to let me get behind the wheel so my friends could take a picture of me pretending to be the cab driver. The picture turned out great

4…Sat in a cop’s paddy wagon-No, I wasn’t arrested but the cops were nice enough to let me jump in and take a picture while sitting in the passenger seat.

5…Had lunch in Little Italy-I loooove Little Italy, the restaurants are great and the atmosphere feels like home

6…Shopped in China Town- Loved seeing their culture through the shops and streets

7…Visited the Plaza Hotel- Very exquisite, I thought how nice it would be to actually stay there

8…Visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral-Absolutely Breathtaking. The one place I wanted to see before leaving the city.

9…Had brunch on the deck at The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park-Another beautiful eatery. The scenery was great and the Mimosa’s were delicious

10…Walked through Central Park- Up until this visit I never realized how big Central Park was. It truly is beautiful

11…Visited the Louis Vuitton-My girlfriends love these purses. I like them but probably will never be able to say I own a real one.(unless of course it’s a gift or a hand-me-down)

12…Fao Schwarz-Could not leave the city without gifts for the kids. There were lots to choose from in the gigantic toy store

13…Had celebratory drinks at the W- We had a blast celebrating my 30th here. The bar is very new age and fun.

I’m sure the thirteen places I take my daughter when we go will be somewhat different :)</

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