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Thirteen Things about MARIBETHMaybe because it is Winter, but I am longing to see flowers in bloom. Don’t get me wrong I love the snow, although I could do without the cold but I’d still love to see flowers all over. This week I have decided to write thirteen flowers I love.

1…Sunflowers (I love how magnificent they look. They were the flowers the girls in my wedding party carried)

2… Orange Tiger Lilies (I love the deep rich color of these beautiful flowers)

3…Blue Hydranges (my favorite – I would love a garden filled with these)

4…Gerber Daisy’s (When in a bouquet they steal the show, when alone they are just as beautiful)

5…Blue Iris (There is something about a blue flower that is inspiring to me)

6…Gladiolas (I love the unique look to these, there like a colorful pole)

7…Snapdragons (Unique and definitely one of a kind)

8…Bird of Paradise (gorgeous)

9…Rose (I prefer yellow roses)

10…Calla Lillys (I love the miniature ones-Pretty, Pretty, Pretty)

11…Orchids (Exquisite)

12…Magnolia ( Elegant but sturdy)

13…Cornflowers (Sturdy and captivating)

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