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Thirteen Things about Maribeth13 Things About Being 13

I remember being thirteen like it was yesterday. I had great friends and awesome adventures. We had fun in the strangest of places. This week I am listing thirteen things I remember doing when I was thirteen.

1…Hanging out on a Train Bridge (I think I would faint now if I ever caught a child of mine sitting on the pier of a train bridge. It was definitely a dangerous place to be)

2…Camp Outs in friends back yards (We would set up tents in our friends back yards and have sleepovers)

3…Feeling very cool at the local park. (We would swing on the swings from sun up to sun down. We thought we owned the place)

4…Smoking (Stupid, wish I could go back to that time and never light up)

5…Searching for change at the Laundromat (We would actually check the machines for loose change so we could buy a can of soda. Many times we found it)

6…Playing Kill the Man under the Weeping Willow Trees (It was a tag like game)

7…Going to the Baseball Field (We knew no one that was playing. We only went to get stuff from the snack stand)

8…Falling in love for the first time (I will never forget the brown haired, baggy eyed, freckled boy that stole my heart)

9…Playing in an abandoned train (Very cool, our secret place. We would pretend to be traveling to far away places)

10…Riding Bikes (Riding without holding onto the handle bars was the way to go)

11…Rail Road Tracks (Yes, a lot of being 13 involved trains in one way or another. The tracks were where we went to chill)

12…Taking the bus to the mall (Instead of asking our parents to drive us there we would catch the bus at the corner)

13…Going to the Arcades (Finally, we had a place that we could go to on a Friday night)

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