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Today is starting good. After cruising on over to Keli’s blog at Counterfeit Humans, I received some exciting news. I noticed that Keli received and Excellent Blog award from a fellow reader. I was thrilled for her and was getting ready to send her a pat on the back via cyberspace when I realized that she was handing out awards as well. It was thrilling to see my name and blog listed as one of her recipients for this same award. Writers are filled with insecurities. Am I any good? Do I have any readers?  I could go on and on but you get my drift. Anyway, Keli made this writer a little perkier this morning and I thank her for that. Yay for Keli at Counterfeit Humans, and yay for me over here at Moments and Memories. Today, I will write with a bit more enthusiasm. 

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