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Thirteen Things about MARIBETHI’m very excited about this week’s TT. I have a very special guest writing the list. My father is one of my biggest supporters when it comes to writing. He reads anything I throw at him and gives me honest feedback. Because he is the most intelligent man I know, his opinion means a great deal to me. He is one of my consistent blog readers and enjoys the Thursday Thirteen’s. He came up with a list of his own thirteen. This week’s TT will be thirteen mini crisis in family life. Show him some love and leave comments to support his big debut. He’s a great storyteller, maybe one day I will post a story he wrote.

Have fun and don’t forget the comments.

1…Being in the bathroom with no toilet paper.

2… Losing your child’s tooth before the tooth fairy paid up. (This one happened to me this year, check out my post Tooth Fairy’s Identity almost revealed).

3…Meeting the town snob on a day when you’re dressed like an old tomatoe plant. (Happened to me too many times)

4…Having a hole in your sock when the teacher asked you to remove your sneaker.

5…Not having enough money for all of your children’s lunches. (My parents did a wonderful job raising five children. I can never remember being hungry- in fact I ate too much as a child)

6… Prom Night for your daughter (I’m still about nine years away from this one)

7… Prom Night for your son (Ten years away, I would think this one isn’t as bad as prom night for the daughter)

8…Deciding whether to play golf or watch your daughter’s 8hr softball game. (I can tell you he chose the softball games every time)

9… Deciding who gets to use the family car. (Yeah, this was a bit rough)

10… Driving to work in a blizzard. (over an hour away)

11… Trying to Locate the TV guide (Watching him search was pretty comical, hearing him get mad was quite scary)

12… Having to work on New Year’s Eve. (I certainly missed my daddy on New Year’s Eve, but I know now he did what he had to do. He is a father of five.)

13… Feeding the Family Rabbit. (I don’t think this was all that bad)

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