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Thirteen Things about MaribethI recently took my daughter to The Hannah Montana movie/concert. We had a great time and I thought it was pretty good. I really felt like I was right there. Actually, it was better seats than many of the concerts I have been to. This week I have decided to list thirteen concerts I have attended and my favorite song the band played at the show. Have fun!

1… Grateful Dead (Scarlet Begonias)

2… Fleetwood Mac (Sarah)

3… James Taylor (Fire and Rain)

4… Motley Crew (Home Sweet Home)

5… Simon and Garfunkel (Cecilia)

6… Dave Matthews (Ants Marching)

7… Rat Dog (Shakedown Street)

8… Dirty Looks (Oh’ Ruby)

9… Aerosmith (Sweet Emotion)

10… Bon Jovi (Wanted Dead or Alive)

11… Guns and Roses (Welcome to the Jungle)

12… Tesla (Love Song)

13… Poison (Talk Dirty to Me)

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