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I gave up chocolate for lent. This is a big deal for a chocoholic. I am used to waking up and having a small piece of chocolate, it’s how I welcome a new day. So, for the next month or so I will be living free of my chocolate addiction, which makes me think about all of the chocolate candy bars I have loved or tried in the past. This week I am writing about thirteen candy bars.
What’s your favorite?

1…Heath Bar- Yum-love this chocolate covered toffee. It’s a great candy bar to mix into ice cream for a special summer treat.

2…Kit Kat- Who doesn’t love a Kit Kat. To save calories, I buy the mini ones and only eat one of the sticks.

3…Snickers- Chocolate, caramel, peanuts, sinful.

4…Chunky- Ooh, a great combination of lots of good things. I have to say though, Cadbury makes a Fruit and Nut bar that is similar to the Chunky and I think I like it more.

5… Whatchamacalit – This bar was hugely popular when I was a little girl and was definitely yummelicious.

6… Mr. Goodbar- I’m a sucker for anything chocolate with nuts and this one definitely satisfies by sweet and salty tooth.

7… Nutrageous- Chocolate, Peanuts and Peanut butter-scrumptious.

8… Mars Bar- another one that was popular when I was younger, very good but not my favorite.

9… Twix- Satisfies a sweet tooth.

10… Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups- So good.

11… Bar None- I loved this bar, I don’t know why it was nixed.

12… 100 Grand Bar- I remember as a young girl I actually thought these bars cost a lot of money.

13… Hershey’s with almonds- I am a PA resident, I have to include this famous bar.

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