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A name says it all. Did you ever meet someone you didn’t care for and decided you didn’t like their name either. Or, the opposite could have happened, you met a beautiful person and their name became beautiful as well. I love thinking up names, whether it be for my children or a character for one of my stories. I am a firm believer that a beautiful name could end up sounding ugly and an ugly name could sound beautiful. It all depends, on the spirit of the person who holds the name.

I am pregnant with my fourth child and we are starting to think of names. I am pretty sure I have a girls name chosen. However, we keep going back and forth on a name for a boy. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to throw it out there into cyberspace and ask what names you think are beautiful. We have two C’s and a J, we are done with C-names but would be open to picking a name starting with the letter J.

Before you send your name, I think I should tell you a bit more about my personal taste. I like a name that is different but not out there, one that you may hear from time to time but not all of the time. An example would be Luke; it is classic and well known but not overly used.Okay, readers give me some names to ponder. You never know you may end up helping me name my fourth child.   

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