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Thirteen Things about Maribeth

I am a fan of American Idol, but I am a bigger fan of the Beatles. This week the contestants took turns singing tunes written by John and Paul.
Katherine McPhee sang one of my favorites written by George Harrison (Something). This week’s TT will be my list of Beatles favorites.
What’s your favorite?

1…In my life (This song represents a trip down memory lane, my daughter fell in love with this song too, listening to her sing it makes me smile)

2…Don’t let me down (Nobody ever loves me like she does, love this lyric)

3…Ob La Di-Ob La Da (So much fun, this song can turn a bad mood around for sure)

4…Hey Jude (I think Jude may be a big contender if I have a boy- I love this lullaby and the advice Paul gave to the little boy)

5… Here Come’s The Sun (This song for me, represents hope)

6… When I’m Sixty-four (Fun, and the irony is Paul is now sixty-four(I’m sure he feels many years from now came fast)

7…With a little help from my friends (Would you still love me if I sang out of tune? Love at first sight-it happens all of the time)

8…Yesterday (This songs tugs at my heartstrings every time I hear it)

9…Yellow Submarine (I loved this song as a little girl)

10…Octopus’s Garden (A good one to play for the kids)

11…Nowhere Man (Everyone knows a nowhere man)

12…Let it be (How can’t you love this song?)

13…Penny Lane (The tune gets stuck in your head and you sing it over and over all day long)

I think I could have listed thirteen more, but I will stop there.

1…. Start your list here!

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