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I have been tagged by C.J. Writer to do a meme. I have been so busy with family issues that it has been hard to sit down and write a post worth reading, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. My digital camera needs to be repaired. Unfortunately, this meme will not include pictures.

5 Things found in my bag (purse)

I recently just started carrying a purse again. I discovered the Vera Bradley id/credit card wallet and I stopped using a purse for a while because everything I really needed fit into the small little wallet.

 In my purse right now

1… perfume (I always like to have a bottle with me)

2… receipts (When I change purses I always curse myself for having too many receipts at the bottom of purses)

3… My Vera Bradley wallet (all my essentials are in here)

4…  Ice Breakers Ice Cubes (Small little cubes of gum that I thoroughly enjoy)

5… Lip Gloss (I always feel a bit better after applying some gloss)

5 Favorite Things In your Room

1… Exposed Beams (My husband redid our bedroom a while ago. He cut off the ceiling and exposed the wooden beams. I thought he was crazy when he first told me of his idea but afterwards I was thrilled).

2… Hanging Ivy (On top of the beams we have four ivy plants, their leafs circle around the beams. They add earthiness to the room and thrive with little maintence)

3… My Sacred Heart Picture of Jesus ( I feel comforted knowing his presence is in our room as we sleep)

4… My flat screen LCD TV (It is mounted to a beam. I love climbing into bed and turning on the television)

5… Four Poster Bed (My bed is very high and even came with a step stool- it fits perfectly into the room and I love how comfy it is)

5 things you always wanted to do 

1… Start a foundation for sick children. ( I have an idea and a name but no idea how to really put it into fruition)

2… Have my novel published (still working on this one and taking a class to help me along) One day!

3… Visit Maine and possibly buy a summer house there. A home away from home

4… Sky Dive (I highly doubt I will ever have the courage to do this but I always thought it looked exhilarating)

5… Run through a massive field of flowers (I know odd but I still would like to do this)

5 things you are currently into

1. Saying a daily rosary for my father

2… The Daily Crossword

3… Comfy shoes (My feet have been swelling due to pregnancy and having the right shoes around has become very important)

4… Baseball/Softball- My daughter is on softball and my son is on baseball. I love going to their games and cheering them on.

5… Hot Pepper Spread-I love this relish looking spread on a turkey sandwich. It is delicious.

5 People you want to tag

1… Tanyetta

2… Keli

3… Jeannene

4… Julianne

5… Haley-O



Life can change in the blink of an eye. We go through our days thinking that tomorrow everything will be the same and nothing will change. When change comes, sometimes we are not prepared, but having faith is what can get you through. This week’s Friday’s song is by the Jerry Garcia Band and titled My Sisters and My Brothers. My favorite lyric in the song is-This world is not our home, we are only passing through.

Keep the Faith-at the end of your life you will be happy you had it.

Happy Friday!

Lyrics: Charles Johnson
Music: Charles Johnson

Played with the Jerry Garcia Band from the mid-70s through the 90s

I want to say to my sisters and my brothers
Keep the faith
When the storm flies and the wind blows
Go on at a steady pace
When the battle is fought and the victory’s won
We can all shout together, we have overcome
We’ll talk to the Father and the Son
When we make it to the promised land

If we walk together, little children
We won’t ever have to worry
Through this world of trouble
We’ve got to love one another
Let us take our fellow man by the hand
Try to help him to understand
We can all be together
For ever and ever
When we make it to the promised land

Our bible reads
Thou shalt not be afraid
Of the terror by night
Nor the arrow that flies by day
Nor for the pestilence
That walketh in the darkness
Nor for the destruction
That waiteth in the noonday hour


This world is not our home
We are only passing through
Our trail is all made up
Way beyond the blue
Let us do the very best that we can
While we’re travelin’ through this land
We can all be together
Shaking a hand
When we make it to the promised land


When we make it to the promised land children
Make it to the promised land children
Make it to the promised land children
Make it to the promised land
When we make it to the promised land sisters
Make it to the promised land children
We can all be together, forever and ever
When we make it to the promised land


We can all be together, forever and ever
When we make it to the promised land

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Thirteen Things about Maribeth

I'm back with a new Thursday Thirteen. The past few weeks have been emotionally draining and I haven't had time to sit down and do a TT. This week while watching a movie that starred Robin Williams I had an idea. He has starred in so many movies I have enjoyed and I knew without a doubt he had to have made at least thirteen well- known flicks. Therefore, this week is thirteen movies Robin Williams starred in.

1.... Happy Feet (Happy Feet made me Happy. I loved watching that little penguin dance his little dance)

2... Night at the Museum (I loved this movie, Can you imagine if the museum really came to life at night?)

3... Jumanji (My kids request to watch this movie lots. It definitely is jammed packed with action)

4... The Night Listener (This was a good movie. It’s based on a real life event, which I thought was a bit creepy.)

5... Death To Smoochy (Loved, Loved, Loved this movie-have not watched it in sometime. I think I will have to rent it soon just to get a good laugh)

6... What Dreams May Come (Fantastic-I really believe that Heaven will be similiar to the way this movie portrays it to be.)

7... Patch Adams (Inspiring)

8... Good Will Hunting (Ben and Matt's breakout movie)

9... Mrs. Doubtfire (He really could play a sweet old woman. I loved her and loved the fact that he did it for the love of his children)

10... Awakenings (Fabulous-another great movie. I could watch over and over again.)

11... RV (Great family movie-loads of laughs guaranteed)

12... August Rush (I love that Robin could play all types of roles and all of them make the movie)

13... Robots (Another must see for families. Fender was hilarious!)

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Aah the joys of roller-skating, there is nothing like strapping on a pair of shoes with wheels, balancing yourself, then attempting to glide gracefully across a fake wooden floor.  Children look adorable wobbling back and forth while adults doing the very same thing look ridiculous.

My daughter and son surprised me with their skating abilities. Watching them zip around the rink brought a proud smile to my face. I was visualizing them as Olympic speed skaters preparing to take the gold and then reality set in. On the rink, my daughter was graceful. It was off the rink that her clumsiness resurfaced. One-step onto the dated paisley carpet and she was on her butt faster than I could say boo. She quickly pointed out that it was the kid in front of her that caused her to fall, if he didn’t move so slow she would have been okay. I smiled and nodded.

When she accidentally spilled a small amount of soda, she advised it was her younger sister who bumped her arm. Once again, I smiled and nodded.

The children gathered around the birthday boy to sing Happy Birthday, my daughter decided to stand next to me. Soon after the candles were blown out, she attempted to grab a handful of Doritos’s from the table. As everyone laughed and congratulated the birthday boy, they had no clue that within seconds the entire bowl of snacks and all drinks in front of it would fly off the table into their laps and onto the floor, compliments of my daughter.

The poor thing was embarrassed,what did she do out of nervousness? Lick her fingers. It would not be so bad except for the fact that those same fingers seconds ago slammed onto the germ-filled floor as she braced her fall.

As the guest looked in horror I swiped her hands from her mouth, smiled, nodded and prayed that she wouldn’t contact any disease.

A speed skater? Maybe. A balancing act-Never!


Hi everyone, I was set to post a new Friday Song-but it appears there is some difficulty going on with video posting. I will try later and post again.

This week’s song was going to be We Are The Champions by Queen. My father is in for a fight and we are all here to support him. In the end I know he will prevail because in my eyes he has never been anything less than a champion.

Keep him in your prayers, they are his best ammunition.


We have only one life so live it well

Hug and kiss those you love.

If you have something to say, tell.


Live for the moment, but know the end will come.

Cherish each day .

Dance to your own music, if you can’t sing, hum.


Make memories, make friends, make love

Engage yourself

Lift the spirits of others and help them rise above


Today is here and yesterday has past

Tomorrow may not come

Embrace life, savor it, and enjoy it why it lasts.




I was excited for my daughter. She received her first invite over to a classmate’s house. I happily drove her to her new friend’s house and walked her to the door. The father who seemed very friendly first greeted us. He escorted us into the tidy house and introduced us to his wife. She was a charming looking woman with a pleasant smile. We instantly hit it off and I felt safe leaving my daughter at the house for an hour. I explained I was running to get a haircut and would swing by on the way back. I kissed my daughter goodbye and off I went.
It was a long time since I had my hair done and I was looking forward to a new do. I wanted a transformation. I flipped through pictures until I found the perfect cut. It was sassy, young and a bit new age. My present locks were limp, dull in color and begging for excitement. I was thrilled with the hairdresser’s work. My once dark, straggly pathetic looking hair was now shorter, lighter, and hip. I could not wait for my daughter to see it, I knew she was going to love Mommy’s new do. I knocked on the door of her friend’s house and hollered through the screen, “I’m here.” The mother called out to come on in. I walked into the house anxious to see my daughter’s reaction.
“They are upstairs finishing a game, they will be right down,” the mother advised.
The mother and I engaged in some small talk while we waited for the girls. As I was complimenting her on the wonderful smell of her simmering chili, I heard a gasp behind me. “I hate it!” I turned around and saw my daughter looking at me horrified. I smiled and tried to give her the don’t do this to me eye but she wasn’t getting it.
“It is so ugly, why would you do that to your hair?”
I could feel my face reddening and sweat was starting to drip from my palms.
“Honey, you’ll get used to it,” I said through my clenched teeth. From the corner of my eye, I could see the mother fidgeting she pretended not to be paying attention to the freak show in front of her. Trying to change the topic, I instructed my daughter to thank her friend for a lovely time. The comfortableness I initially felt with the mother now turned into awkwardness. I realized that the mother never once mentioned my haircut, which must have meant she hated it too. I scooted my daughter to the door and promptly exited. On the drive home, my daughter had the nerve to say, “Mom, actually I do like your hair.”




I have always been a Daddy’s girl. My father is a wonderful man and I am truly blessed. He had a favorite song he would sing to us when we were smaller. I can remember many nights on my father’s lap listening to him sing You are my sunshine. I felt safe, loved and happy. My dad is going through some things right now that require prayers. So let us rally together and pray for a great man.  He is my sunshine and without him, my days would sure be cloudy.

Happy Friday.




My five year-old nephew loves to antagonize my three year-old daughter. It usually starts with him telling her there is a ghost. It ends with her running towards me, arms wide opened, tears in her eyes, pleading for help.

I have told him many times to stop scaring her, and I assured her that there was no ghost next to her. I instructed her to say “Whatever,” the next time he mentioned a ghost.

 I forgot about the conversation and my nephew stopped the teasing. As I made my bed, my daughter delicately painted her fingernails with some Barbie nail polish. My nephew walked up to her and whispered in her ear, “There is a ghost next to you.”

I heard the whisper and spun my head around, opened my mouth and prepared to scold him for making her upset. I never had to say a word; my daughter came up with the best reply.

She shrugged her shoulders, looked at him and said, “I know, I am painting its nails.”

He hasn’t mentioned seeing a ghost since. That’s my girl.










I have grown bored of my blogs design so I have decided to change it. I think change is a good thing and helps push us into new directions.

Definition of Change: To become different

I am ready to become a better version of who I am and in order to do that I must first change the things that prevent me from finding out who that is.

Hope you like the new look. 

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