Sunday, we finally had a whole day out doors. The kids flew out my back door as if they were prisoners released back into the free world. Life was good. I nestled into my comfy Adirondack chair with a hot cup of java and watched them from afar. My nephew called my three children into a huddle. I could hear him telling them to pick a celebrity. My oldest daughter quickly yelled out, “I’m Hannah Montana.” My youngest daughter advised that she would be playing the role of Cinderella. Because my son was taking too long deciding, my nephew informed him that he would be Chris Brown, while my nephew declared himself to be Usher.

     My curiosity piqued, I sat at the edge of my chair straining to hear where they were going with this game. My nephew acted as a director, instructing the actors what their lines would be and informing them of the rules of the game. They all had a mission; they were to catch the bad people. The four of them ran through the yard chasing down imaginary men and taking nosedives into the grass screaming out “I have been hit.”

     “Wait, we have to take a call from our boss,” my nephew said.

     They gathered around the rock garden and looked nervous as they waited for the big guy to call (I must say, they were good little actors).

     “The phone’s ringing, Justin is calling.” My nephew hushed the others, advising them het would take the phone call from Justin Timberlake. They assured Justin that everything was going as planned, hung up the invisible phone and took off throughout the yard again.

     For a moment, I envisioned Usher, Chris Brown, Hannah Montana and Cinderella running through my yard chasing down bad guys while answering to Justin Timberlake and thought-Maybe my kids are on to something. It could be Reality TV with a twist, where real life and fairytales come together fighting for a happily ever after. Hey, they thought up an interesting cast.