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Thirteen Things about Maribeth

I think I have mentioned before that I enjoy personality tests. I like to see if the results match my interpretation of myself. This week for Thursday Thirteen I am listing 13 test results I was given after taking tests at Tickle E Mode.
Do we match up? Stop by Tickle and take a test.

1…Where Does Your Inner compass Point- Result –Urban Expeditions (This states that I am a fast paced energy and make it happen type of person. According to this result I would be able to work my way out of a concrete jungle. It also states that my compass is most likely to point toward an adventure of sophistication.)

2…What’s Your True Talent –Result-Abstract Reasoning (I agree with this one-I am definitely more of an abstract person. The result states I have a rich imagination and have the ability to mix two unrelated ideas together to come up with a brand new one)

3…Which Hairstyle Matches You-Result-Cutting Edge ( I am the type of person who gets bored with the same hairstyle very quickly-although I must admit lately I have become the ponytail girl)This result states I need a hairstyle that stands out-True very true

4…Are you more Jennifer or Angelina- Result- Jennifer –I do like Jen’s down to earth style because I am pretty earthy myself.

5…Who were you in a past life-Result- An artist- Hmm interesting, I think of myself imaginative but can only draw stick figures. This result states that I march to the beat of my own drummer and do not follow the herd. Definitely true-It must stem from my father’s advice years ago-Be a leader not a follower.

6…What fashion decade is most you-Result- 50’s- It says whatever the occasion my polished look makes me one cool cat (I have always thought of myself more of a sixties/seventies girl-but I do like to be polished)

7…What’s your little black dress personality-Result-V-neck. I definitely am a V-neck girl, because I like to make my shoulders appear more narrow. (It states, I am down to earth and understand that it is what’s on the inside that counts-So true)

8…What renews your spirit-Result-Spending time with loved ones. (If you have ever read my blog, you already know this is correct, I am all about family, friends and sharing time together). This also states that I am always there for others and the best R&R for me is spending time with the ones you love.

9…What do your eyes say-Result-Sincerely Sweet- (I hope that is what others see)Results state that I have a big heart and can’t help but open it up to those I am close with.

10…What makes you amazing-Result-Sense of Humor-If you know me, then you know I have a quirky sense of humor-most of my friends share the same humor. I couldn’t imagine not having one.

11…What’s your fantasy home-Result-Nurturing Nest-I love to have visitors-This result states that I opt for colors, accessories and lighting that encourage people to take a seat and stay for a while. (I always want people to feel welcome at my house)

12…What flavor fits you-Result-Sunny orange-It states I have a sunny disposition and happy-go-lucky attitude. It states I am a glass half-full type of girl. Absolutely correct-Read my blog post If the glass if half empty fill it up. Life is too short to be pessimistic.

13…What’s your true color-Result-Green- This result states that green is the color of growth and vigor. Anyone with this result has a knack for bringing out the best in people. Success for us green’s is measured in terms of personal achievement and growth-not by status or position. I think it is easy being green unlike Kermit.

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