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I have been tagged by C.J. Writer to do a meme. I have been so busy with family issues that it has been hard to sit down and write a post worth reading, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. My digital camera needs to be repaired. Unfortunately, this meme will not include pictures.

5 Things found in my bag (purse)

I recently just started carrying a purse again. I discovered the Vera Bradley id/credit card wallet and I stopped using a purse for a while because everything I really needed fit into the small little wallet.

 In my purse right now

1… perfume (I always like to have a bottle with me)

2… receipts (When I change purses I always curse myself for having too many receipts at the bottom of purses)

3… My Vera Bradley wallet (all my essentials are in here)

4…  Ice Breakers Ice Cubes (Small little cubes of gum that I thoroughly enjoy)

5… Lip Gloss (I always feel a bit better after applying some gloss)

5 Favorite Things In your Room

1… Exposed Beams (My husband redid our bedroom a while ago. He cut off the ceiling and exposed the wooden beams. I thought he was crazy when he first told me of his idea but afterwards I was thrilled).

2… Hanging Ivy (On top of the beams we have four ivy plants, their leafs circle around the beams. They add earthiness to the room and thrive with little maintence)

3… My Sacred Heart Picture of Jesus ( I feel comforted knowing his presence is in our room as we sleep)

4… My flat screen LCD TV (It is mounted to a beam. I love climbing into bed and turning on the television)

5… Four Poster Bed (My bed is very high and even came with a step stool- it fits perfectly into the room and I love how comfy it is)

5 things you always wanted to do 

1… Start a foundation for sick children. ( I have an idea and a name but no idea how to really put it into fruition)

2… Have my novel published (still working on this one and taking a class to help me along) One day!

3… Visit Maine and possibly buy a summer house there. A home away from home

4… Sky Dive (I highly doubt I will ever have the courage to do this but I always thought it looked exhilarating)

5… Run through a massive field of flowers (I know odd but I still would like to do this)

5 things you are currently into

1. Saying a daily rosary for my father

2… The Daily Crossword

3… Comfy shoes (My feet have been swelling due to pregnancy and having the right shoes around has become very important)

4… Baseball/Softball- My daughter is on softball and my son is on baseball. I love going to their games and cheering them on.

5… Hot Pepper Spread-I love this relish looking spread on a turkey sandwich. It is delicious.

5 People you want to tag

1… Tanyetta

2… Keli

3… Jeannene

4… Julianne

5… Haley-O



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