Thirteen Things about Maribeth

Growing up, I loved to watch game shows. My mother was and still is very fond of game shows. Although, I haven’t the time to watch as much television these days as I did in the past, I still like to watch an occassional game show. This week I am listing thirteen games shows I have enjoyed, both past and present.

1…. Price Is Right (I still dream about being called on down. Switcheroo always seemed fun. I would love to spin the big wheel)

2… Tic Tac Dough (Loved this game, hated to see the dragon come up)

3… Press Your Luck (The original show was so much fun to watch. I loved to hate the whammy)

4… 10,000 Pyramid (I love any game that gives you clues and makes you guess the answer)

5… Concentration (players called out two numbers at a time to receive clues. They then had to attempt to guess the rebus) Loved this game, wish it was still on.

5… Wheel of Fortune (I once sent in a postcard hoping I would be chosen as a wheel participant. I think I am pretty good at this one)

6… Family Feud (I always told myself if my family was ever to go on this show I would have to be one of the two chosen for the final round) We had the home version, it was a blast having face-off’s with my sister.

7… Scrabble (I love the board game and loved the game show)

8… Let’s Make A Deal (Blast from the past-This was such a fun show)

9… Match Game (Celebrities helping the contestants by filling in the blanks-this was another great one)

10… Win Lose or Draw (I would have been good at guessing but not so well at drawing)

11… The Newlywed Game (Looking back I remember hearing the question-“How many times a week do you make Whoopee.” (Whoopee? funny stuff)

12… Name That Tune (Ooh I would have been terrible at this one)

13… Jeopardy (This is my game show of choice these days. At least I am learning something while watching this one)

What is or was your favorite?

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