Thirteen Things about Maribeth

Have you ever met your guardian angel? I think I have and one day I will share that story. I have a collection of angels that I am very proud of. Each angel represents the person who gave it to me. I love receiving angels as a gift. My cabinet of angels symbolize the love I have received from many wonderful people throughout my life.

This week’s Thursday Thirteen will be about angels.

What do you collect?

1… Cassiel- according to my birthdate this is the name of my archangel. It’s assignation is creative power. I find that interesting because of the fact I love to write.

2… Michael- (His name represents He who is like God)The leader of all archangels. He was also the angel that defeated Lucifer. His symbol is the sword.

3… Angels can come in all shapes, sizes and forms. They usually take on an appearance that is most appealing to the individual requiring their help.

4…Anyone can call on an angel at anytime- All you have to do is ask.

5… Some signs that angels are near include- scents of flowers, distant or faint sounds of bells or chimes and light breezes.

6…Guardian angels are given to us at birth and follow us throughout life. They are our special angels.

7… Raphael is considered the Healer. It is said that if you see speckles of green light Raphael may be around. His season is Spring. He also helps with addiction and safety for traveling.

8…Angel Prayer –

Angel of God
My guardian Dear,
To Whom is love commits me here,
Ever this day (or night)
Be at my side
To light and guard,
To rule and guide.

9… The word angel comes from the Greek angelos and Latin angelas-both meaning messenger

10…Angels in art are often depicted wearing halos and wings

11…Today’s Angel is Angel of Harmony

12…Gabriel –Angel who announced the birth of Jesus to Mary- He advised Nothing is Impossible with God (I try to remember that phrase daily and at very low points)

13…Demons- are the fallen angels. Satan is the ruler of the fallen angels.

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