Thirteen Things about Maribeth

This past weekend I accompanied my daughter to NYC for a brownie trip. We had such a great day that will forever be remembered. It was her fist time there which made it even more exciting. We visited the Museum of Natural History, shopped at street vendors, rode in a cab, had our caricature done and saw the show STOMP. We loved the show, the performers were entertaining and very talented. It amazed me at their ability to create music from random every day things. This week I will list 13 things they used to make music.
Have you ever seen the show?

1…. Brooms (they started the show with the whole cast making music by sweeping the stage)

2…Powder or Flour (They sprinkled it onto the stage and kicked it around also creating a funky beat)

3…Sinks (This part was so fun. They actually came out with sinks around their necks filled with water)


5… Garbage Cans (used mainly as a drum)

6… Garbage Can Lids (Sounded like cymbals)

7… Newspapers (Who would have thought, but some how they pulled it off)

8…An assortment of Bags (Garbage bags, brown paper bags etc)

9… Soda Cup and straw (squeaky but clever)

10… Playing Cards

11…Hands (lots of clapping and awesome audience participation)



If you haven’t checked out STOMP and you love creativity-it’s a must see.

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