Thirteen Things about Maribeth

Wouldn’t it be neat to fly? I mean really fly, soaring high above with wings all of our own. The beauty we would see and the freedom we would feel. I hope Heaven provides wings.

This week I wrote 13 things with wings. Some are from the bird family, but they are birds I love.

Find your wings and fly to a place you always wanted to go, bring an extra set in case someone along the way tries to clip yours.

1… Angels (I love angels! I can only imagine how beautiful their wings would appear once spread)

2…Airplanes (Okay, so they are man made, but they work-most of the time)

3…Butterflies (The beauty in their wings is unbelievable. A masterpiece like no other)

4… Fairies (Maybe they aren’t real, but I like the idea of them)

5… Bats (Ugh-I really really do not like these creatures)

6… Pterosaurs (also known as pterodactyls-flying reptiles –scary)

7… Lady Bugs (Finding a ladybug always makes me smile.)

8… Hair (Farrah Faucet sported the wing or feathered look back in the day. Today, teenagers and skateboarders like the popular wing haircut)

9… Cupid (According to Roman Mythology he is the God of erotic love and beauty. He is the guy responsible for many people finding love on Valentines Day.)

10… Penguins (Their wings are known as flippers. They use their flippers to propel themselves through water. They cannot fly)

11… Swans (One of the most magnificent creatures on earth. Elegant, graceful and they make flying look easy)

12… Doves (I love doves; there is a dove that greets me each morning. I am starting to think it may be my guardian angel)

13… Peacocks (Another gorgeous bird. Their plumage is too heavy which prevents them from being able to fly)

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