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Thirteen Things about Maribeth

Summer is quickly approaching and I am thrilled. The summer months are filled with a vibrancy that captivates me. Magnificent colors resurface making the world look crisp and new. Summer is cheerful and one of the most cheerful colors is orange. This week I will list 13 orange things.
Orange you glad you stopped by?

1.... Oranges (But of course, I love oranges and especially love a big glass of orange juice first thing in the morning)

2... Tiger Lilies (Gorgeous flower, I would love to have a vase filled with them)

3... Pumpkins (A smile carved into a pumpkin can cheer anyone up)

4... Creamsicles (Yum! I love creamsicles)

5... Orange Soda (Very nostalgic- it takes me back to my birthday parties as a little girl. Our beverage of choice was orange soda)

6... Harvest Moon (Breathtaking)

7... Traffic Cones

8... Tigers (Tony the Tiger is definitely orange)

9... Goldfish (We have a fish tank filled with very large orange goldfish)

10...Carrots (My son's favorite vegetable)

11...Sweet Potatoes (With butter and brown sugar-heavenly)

12... Life Jackets (I wore many orange life jackets when I was a little girl)

13... Jax (This junk food treat could become very addicting quickly)

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