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I stumbled upon this band earlier this week and I have to say I love their music. I had a hard time deciding on which one of their songs I was going to post but I decided on Trashcan. I really like the vibe it emits. Their music has an earthy feel and the ability to make you daydream and go off to that far away place in your mind.

The band is called Delta Spirit. I even like the name, very catchy.

Sorry, I looked for the lyrics but could not find them. I know there is one verse that I love and it states- If you hide your questions there’s no answers, I finally found the cure for my own cancer.

Let me know what you think.

Happy Friday

If you want to hear their songs a bit clearer, try visiting their myspace page.

Everyone has seen the person who thought of an idea and then struck it rich. One that pops into my mind is the woman that designed the Jibbitz for Crocs. The story as told on Oprah, went something like-The lady and her daughter were outside waiting for Daddy to get home when they started to stick items into the holes of the crocs. The father came home, saw what they were up to and realized they thought of a moneymaking idea. Shortly after, they hit the jackpot with their idea.
I have tons of ideas circling in my head at all times, some of them I have to say are really good. How does a person go from an idea to something? Especially folks that don’t have millions to start with. Most idea’s take money to make money so how does someone with little or no money bring their idea to fruition.
I would really love to hear success stories.
What separates dreamers from doers? I consider myself a dreamer but I know I have it in me to be a doer but how does this happen? Lets just say I thought of a great product for mothers. What steps must I take in order to make this dream a reality?
Sorry to ramble but I’m hoping I get a bit of insight. The ideas are the easy part. I am willing to do the hard part I just haven’t got a clue.

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