Thirteen Things about Maribeth

My son went down the basement today to get his football pants out of the dryer and got the wits scared out of him. I didn’t realize he was down there and I shut off the light and closed the door. My poor little guy, he ran up those steps so quick and I immediately realized what I did. I felt so bad but it got me thinking about fears. We all have them but what they are differs. This week I decided I will list thirteen phobias for Thursday Thirteen.

What are your fears? Did they make the list?

1…Claustrophobia- Fear of Confined places (my son, daughter and nephew accidentally locked themselves into a closet while playing and until this day my son or my daughter will not be left alone in a small place with a door shut)

2… Acrophobia- Fear of Heights (As I get older heights seem to scare me a bit more)

3… Ailurophobia- Fear of Cats (My mother is deathly afraid of cats and will not even watch one on a commercial)

4… Apiphobia- Fear of Bees (My husband is not allergic to bees but will scream like a girl if a bee comes near him)

5… Arsonphobia –Fear of Fire (One of my worst fears)

6… Aviophobia- Fear of Flying (I have never been on an airplane, so I guess you can say I have this phobia

7… Bibliophobia –Fear of Books (I don’t think I could relate to this one)

8…Brontophobia- Fear or thunder and lightning (I recall once when I was younger a girlfriend of my brother-in-laws came in from California and was scared to death of one of the thunderstorms) They can definitely be scary at times.

9… Chorophobia- Fear of Dancing ( I say dance anyway)

10… Cleisiophobia- Fear of being locked in an enclosed place (My children have this after their closet experience. I hope they grow out of it eventually)

11… Coulrophobia- Fear of Clowns (I think many people have this fear)

12… Enochlophobia –Fear of Crowds (I have become panicked in crowded areas, but nothing I didn’t get over)

13… Myrmecophobia- Fear of Ants (If I see an army of ants marching my way and we are indoors I will screech like you never heard before and run as far as way as possible. If they are outside I am okay with seeing a pile of them.)

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