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I love quizzes. I especially love learning about myself and what makes me me. Here is a great site, check it out. When you click on the youniverse tab you will be able to see my personality profile. It’s so much fun and very interesting. Let me know what yours says about you.

I noticed that my recipe blogs get a lot of hits and since I am working on several writing projects and developing my own company (stay tuned!) I have not had extra time to devote to my blog. I thought I could manage to post a great recipe that my family loves. You will be happy to know it takes no time at all.

If you have read any of my recipe posts, you know that I am a little bit of this and a little bit of that type of gal. When trying to cook for six-you have to learn to be quick and that I am.

Gravy Meatball Pasta

2 jars of beef gravy 

1 or 2 bags of frozen meatballs (we prefer turkey meatballs)

Handfull of Parmesan Cheese

Egg Noodles (you can use whatever you like)

Toss meatballs into gravy, dash salt and pepper and a handfull of parmesan cheese

Boil noodles, once done, spoon the meatballs and gravy over top and serve.

The last time I made this my family couldn’t get enough and my children said I was the best cook in the world. I still laugh at their words because none of it was homemade but it was sure tasty.

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