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Thirteen Things about Maribeth

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Monday was my birthday. Birthday’s are to be celebrated, regardless of your age. Aging brings wisdom and that in itself is a wonderful gift to receive. I must admit however, sometimes I wish I did not know now what I did not know then. Once the light bulb (wisdom) turns on it gets harder to be the person you once were. This week I celebrated my birthday with thirteen very special women. Each one of them brings something different to my life and I would not want to live without any one of them. I received great gifts, much more than I needed but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t fun opening them. Here are thirteen fabulous gifts received. (Maybe a few more than thirteen)
1…Yankee Candle and a pair of hoop earrings (Thanks big sis)

2…A great tote bag by L.L. Bean and the Notebook DVD (Donna, what a friend.)

3…A year subscription to Cosmo (Rachelle, always known for her unique gifts)

4… The Instuction:Living the Life Your Soul Intended (I am already 75 pages into this thought provoking book by Ainslie Macleod- It’s easy to be a deep thinker when you have a friend like Jessica)

5… Half of my dinner (sushi) paid for, a great water bottle and Moana Lotion (Little Sis, loved her gift)

6… Grapesicle Lotion, Spray, and more lotion and spray from Victoria Secrets (Thanks to Heidi, I will be smelling good enough to eat)

7… Salt and Pepper Mill from Pampered Chef (Nicole knows how much I love fresh ground pepper)

8…A beautiful bracelet that looks like chain links but when you turn it sideways they spell God (My sister-in-law Renee knows how serious I am about my faith)

9… A Lia Sophia brown chunky bracelet and an awesome brown sweater to match (Kristen knows my taste. I am always looking for a zippie or a sweater to throw on and this one is my new favorite)

10…Lottery Tickets (Lori knows how much I love a scratch off, but unfortunately I didn’t win)

11…Cash (my mother knows that a married mother of four can always use some cash of her own)

12…Dinner (My hubby is taking me to dinner Friday night and I cannot wait)

13. An awesome pink hoody from Talbots (Big Big Sis-Love It!)

Opening the gifts was awesome but having everyone I love take time to celebrate my day was priceless. I am a lucky lady. I hope all of them know just how much I love them.

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