Thirteen Things about Maribeth

I wrote a post earlier this evening, it was about signs after a loved one has passed. I really would love to hear if anyone out there has had occurences after losing someone special. Please feel free to read the post and leave a comment or share an experience of your own.
My father was a simple man. I am listing 13 simple things he enjoyed while he was alive.

1…Cake Donuts

2…Hot Dogs

3… Honeysuckle (read my previous post about this)

4… Praying the rosary

5… His grandchildren

6…Breakfast at Burger King with his friends

7… His Pine Trees

8… Bermuda Shorts

9… His front porch

10…Watching a rainstorm

11… His backyard swing

12… Mysteries

13… Music

What simple things do you love?

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