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I was excited to get the new issue of All You Magazine, partly because, a tip of mine is in it. (To check out how to keep magazines organized, purchase the magazine). However, it was an editor’s tip that caught my eye. Apparently, she stumbled upon a site that allows people to play trivia- like games and for each correct answer 20 grains of rice is donated to the hungry for free. In addition to the free rice donation, players receive a free education. You can enrich your vocabulary, learn proper grammar, and familiarize yourself with artists and famous paintings plus much more. Tonight, I donated 2160 grains of rice, which I am sure someone somewhere will appreciate.

Something we consider small can be big to others. I might not have millions or even thousands to donate to charities but surely, I could play a game or two. You can make a difference as well. Take the time to check out this great site and go to bed knowing that because of a small effort on your end someone has a little more to eat.

God Bless!


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