I am not about to talk politics. I don’t particularly care to engage in a topic that would generate such heat. However, something annoys me to no end. Celebrities using their platforms to influence the public to vote one way or the other makes me want to puke. So and so endorses Obama or The Whatchamacalits decided to endorse McCain. Why does someone think that because they sing or act their opinions matter more than the rest of ours? If we were a fan of theirs, we would surely vote the way they do because their opinion must be the right one.
A writer is taught not to preach, it is a turn off to the reader. I think celebrities should be taught the same, discretion is much more attractive. Once you stand on one platform or the other you isolate yourselves from a large group of people (whether it be democrats or republicans), a month from now we will have a new president regardless.
There is a quote I love by William Butler Yeats-All empty souls tend toward extreme opinions. I am not saying celebrities have souls that are empty (there are many that do extreme good) but talk is cheap and it is usually the ones that are talking the loudest that do the least.
It’s like seeing a beautiful woman or man and having this idea of who they must be, then all of the sudden something they say ruins the first impression. You never see them the way you once did.