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I saw that a link was made to my blog by Huffington Post. I was curious to see what that was all about, so I headed on over to their site. It’s a website dedicated to celebrities talking politics. As I mentioned in my last post this unnerves me, but the vulgar used by a young celebrity made it even worse. There is a clip showing Hayden Panettiere (it’s supposed to be funny) advising why you shouldn’t vote for John McCain. The only thing I heard her say was the F word repeatedly.
I love Heroes and she is one of my favorite characters on that show but hearing her speak so ugly tainted my view of her and took away from her beauty.
I commend anyone who encourages young people to vote (I am young myself). I have a quirky sense of humor. I have used that word before, but using that word among friends and family who already really know who I am is different. The only thing we know about celebrities is what we are given by the media. I am sure she is a nice girl but does she really want to be viewed as lacking class.
I have always valued myself as being a free spirit and encourage my daughter’s to be the same. If Hayden really wants change (as do I) then she must first understand that change comes within and speaking like this only brings hatred.
Grace is missing from today’s world and no one seems to notice. A woman who is educated and uses her words carefully will catch my attention quicker than a girl who throws out the f-word just to be heard. All I could think of while watching her was Ill. In the beginning of the segment, she said she knew she was Hot enough to hold the viewers attention for thirty seconds. This may be true but eventually that hot young girl will become a middle-aged woman and if the only thing she is remembered for was being hot and speaking ugly then what did she do to change the world for the better. Nothing!

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