Learning something new is challenging and very rewarding. A while ago I mentioned that I am starting my own business (actually I already started my corporation). Soon, I will let everyone know what the product is (everyone should have one). In order to bring my idea to fruition, it was necessary that I learned to sew. With the help of a great friend and a terrific mother-in-law, I officially know how to sew. I am no where near perfect yet, but I am anal so I am certain that eventually I will be sewing perfectly (I strive for perfection).I spent over fifteen hours on and off today sewing in hopes that I can donate my product to my children’s Halloween basket raffle (it is not a basket). I thought, what better way to get the word out there then to start at a family oriented function (it is a family keepsake item).
I am truly exhausted, I have had many highs today and many lows but overall I feel great that I learned something new. Many people stop trying to learn things the older they get. When I threaded the sewing machine today I realized that I now know something today that I did not know yesterday and it felt good. I forgot how fun it is to learn a new skill.

What new skill have you learned lately?